EZTV’s New Song is a Winner

ezA bit back, I tossed out the a single from the EZTV 7″, naming Television as a possible touch-point for interested fans.  Now the band is back with a brand new single from their forthcoming full-length, and it’s really hard to place the sound, though there’s some obvious musical touchstones lurking in here: sharp guitars, fused harmonies, 60s nostalgia.  I’ve been hunting for something really striking to hit me, and this track definitely does the trick.  Their album, Calling Out, will be release by Captured Tracks on July 10th.

EZTV Sign with Captured Tracks

ezWhen Captured Tracks signs a new act, I generally take notice as they’ve become one of my favorite labels to follow.  So, when they announced that they had grabbed EZTV for a new 7″, I immediately pressed play and fell in love.  For some reason, the guitar work sounds rather reminiscent of Television; it’s crisp and angular, then filled in by some really soft vocal tones.  This is a sound that’s rather fond to my heart, offering just enough rock n’ roll with classic pop ballad nods.  The label will release the band’s Dust in the Sky 7″ on April 28th, and let’s hope we hear even more from them in the future.

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