Last Week’s Jams (9.18 – 9.22)

Last week was kind of light on the tunes, at least from my end of things. That being said, it was a pretty heavy week in terms of tunes that made me swoon. We got to premiere new stuff from Citric Dummies and Red Pants, which rule, equally. Of course, it was nice to see our pals in Voxtrot take back up their crown as master of pop; Bubblegum Lemonade was another friend making a return with new music too! All that, and I haven’t even touched on the Lower Plenty track that nearly broke me listening to it. The Serfs and Dancer both had great new music out there; those hit from Alien Nosejob and the Exbats on Goner Records didn’t hurt either. Maybe light on coverage in lieu of our recent weeks, but so much great stuff to dig into here.

Feeling Figures Share Movement Video

On their last trip around the singles market, Feeling Figures offered us this brooding bit of indie rock that felt like it had drifted from the Pacific NW all the way over to Montreal. This go round, well, they’re adding in a bit more “movement,” should I say, bringing this frantic energy that kicks off a bit of riotous bounce. Personally, I love the way the guitar lines seem to be work in opposition, one sort of meandering about in the mix while the other pairs with the rhythm section to drive the song forward; they somehow meet and fuse from time to time, creating this synergy that livens the vibe. Plus, the vocals have this almost maniacal how, pushing this snotty playfulness that I absolutely love. Spend some time here, and grab Migration Magic from K/Perennial Death on November 24th.

Last Week’s Jams (8.21 – 8.25)

There continues to be an unreasonable amount of great music coming out nowadays, and I’m absolutely baffled at how it just never ceases; there’s been nothing but week after week of tunes for me to fawn over. This week’s a little all over the place, with a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, a little bit of songwriter and back again. Wanted to begin with the great cover of “Rock n’ Roll” by the Feelies, then jump right into some of my favorite tracks of the week. I mean, new Tony Jay and Red Pants make all of us winners. Plus, there’s a new Lewsberg tune floating about, which I definitely have included in other playlists. And, I got back on that review game with a track by track breakdown of Holy Wave’s latest. So spend some time looking back at last week!

Feeling Figures Announce Migration Music

Unsurprisingly, it sounds like K Records have another stellar release on their hands, this time with a new LP coming from Feeling Figures. For fans of the label, this new single feels precisely what I imagine it was like growing into a young adult with K’s catalog on your tape player. There’s almost this natural indifference to the churn of the guitars, riding the wind on the back of beat, waiting for the vocals to soar into picture. Nothing seems overdone or exaggerated for musical effect, tightly wound up around this simplistic DIY ethos. Plus, there’s plenty of open space here too, allowing the musicianship to frolic about in enchanting fashion. Old school vibes with new school flair; Migration Music is out November 15th!