SXSW Interview: Typesetter

typesetterSXSW is how soon you say?  Hard to believe we are just a short couple of weeks away at this point.  I’m not sure any of us are ever fully prepared, but we will find a way to power through.  Speaking of powering through, I’m excited today to share with you a new interview with up and coming Chicago punks Typesetter.  I’m personally pretty pumped to catch their live set during the week.  Follow the jump to see what they have to say.

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SXSW Interview: Melville

IMG_7489Hard to believe that SXSW is drawing ever near as the weeks seem to be flying by in anticipation.  Today we bring you even more coverage with an interview from Portland based indie group Melville.  As I’ve been doing, these are just some questions to build press for upcoming bands, get their feel for SXSW, and see what they think about our great city.  Follow the jump for responses.

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Play Fun Fun Fun Fest Bingo

fun-fun-funGoing to a festival is great.  Good bands, good vibes (usually), but it’s also about having yourself a grand old time.  So, with that spirit, and our previous experience at Fun Fun Fun Fest, we decided to create a little FFF Bingo for you to play with your friends.  All you have to do is print this out, then play with us via twitter, and you can win a sweet prize or two.  Even if you don’t wanna play, have yourself a fun/safe time out there this weekend folks.

FFFFestBingo (PDF) – Right Click to save as

Top 13 Bands of FFF Fest

1112top5coverFun Fun Fun Fest snuck up on me quite a bit this year and it’s hard to believe that we are just one short week away from Austin’s best festival.  Good times will be had by all I’m sure and of course ATH is here to ensure that you will be aptly prepared for the weekend of fun.  Today we’re continuing our coverage of the fest with a look at 13 bands you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.  Why 13?  Because it’s Halloween and we’re cool.  Follow the jump for the list in no particular order.

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What’s in a Fest? An Interview with Athens Intensified

Athens BannerIt seems that every other day, someone has a festival going, especially here in Austin; there’s always something.  I’m okay with that, but over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of small boutique festivals carving niches for themselves. With  this in mind, I was connected with Gordon Lamb, formerly one of the gents behind Athens PopFest, and now the founder of Athens Intensified.  The festival takes place in Athens, Georgia (not Greece) on September 11-13, with an extra date on September 20th to fit in The Egyptian Lover.  If you’re in the area and interested in going…tickets are HERE.  But, otherwise, it’s still a good read at the world of being a festival curator.  Thanks to Gordon for his time and to Mike for setting up the interview.
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