Fun Rocker from Finn Riggins

I first brought you Finn Riggins earlier in the year as the group was preparing to release their Benchwarmers EP, and they’re back again with another single to get you interested.  This tune features gang vocals from the trio, bouncing rhythms and steady drumming.  I don’t know what it is about these guys, they just seem to get under my skin, in an endearing way of course. There’s even a little jam in the middle, followed by more enjoyable rock moments.  If you’re on the West, the group heads out on tour, though they unfortunately won’t be making it into Austin just yet.


Download:Finn Riggins – Big News [MP3]

Jamming Lil’ Number from Finn Riggins

It’s really funny that this track popped up in our inbox the other day, just a night after I was talking to our friend Marcus about the lack of credit given to the Idaho scene.  In 2011 the scene hit big with Youth Lagoon, and the state is the home to Built to Spill, who took out the band Finn Riggins for several tours.  This track from Finn Riggins definitely has a nice little groove to it, and it’ll feature on the band’s Benchwarmers EP, which is set for release on April 21st for Record Store Day.  This is the perfect way to kick off our Monday; the band will be in Austin playing the Boise Showcase at SXSW if you’re looking for a place to catch them.


Download:Finn Riggins – Benchwarmers [MP3]