New Finnmark Music and Video

Usually I hound the Finnmark! soundcloud page waiting for new music, and while I was trolling the Internet, I saw that the band have a new song on the Secret Garden Comp for Fallen Love Records. The group have been fairly quiet since their Things Always ChangeLP (sadly Sold Out), but hopefully this points at a new release. This song has some deeper tones, especially in the way the bass lines are working; it works in contrast to the slight shuffling jangle that’s working beneath the mix. I really like the drum roll emphasis too, hitting the right notes at the perfect time. The compilation is available now, and hopefully we hear more from the group soon!

Friday is for Finnmark!

finnyI’ve backed the boys in Finnmark! for quite some time, and I’m really excited to hear their brand new album, Things Always Change.  There’s a delightful jangle to the work of the band on their latest single, although I’ll admit there’s a great deal of maturity here, in both songwriting and the vocals.  It reminds me of the best of Cats on Fire, so you can’t really ignore something this special. This ditty is brief, spanning just beyond the 2 minute mark, thus allowing you to get your pop fix over and over again in quick succession.  The band’s debut will be released via Beko Disques on May 15th, and it looks to be something really really special…the sort of album indiepop fans will hold dear for years to come.

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Finnmark! Return With Classic Pop

finnMan, how I missed Finnmark!. I guess the troubles of being in a band are recording, touring and funding, so perhaps the band have hit some snags in getting new material my way (I hope not). But, they passed me this great new jam, which is part of the excellent February Records 5th Anniversary Compilation.  You want an indiepop gem? You don’t have to go far, this time with the band slowing things down with chugging guitar chords and a deeper tonal quality; it’s the sort of track that makes all your friends swoon when you put it on their latest mixtape.  Hope so hard these guys keep it going and bring us more new tunes.

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Blissful Pop from Finnmark!

finnI’ve been following the lads in Finnmark for some time, and while they’ve been quiet for the most part, I’m happy to share this new track from the band with you.  The vocals are a bit deeper in tone than on their previous work, but the guitars are still as intoxicating as ever.  These guys write the sort of music that makes you feel good about yourself and about your day, so you’d do best to press play right now.  Wait to find yourself totally hooked around the 1.40 minute mark when things take off.

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New Music from Finnmark!

finnmarkDuring festival season you occasionally miss the hits you were most forward looking forward to, so I definitely owe a bit of gratitude towards Howard at Indie Pop for pointing me in the direction of this great new Finnmark! We’ve written about the band on several occasions, but not since August have we heard new tunes. They’ve just put up a new single via February Records, and this one shows a more somber tint to the band’s sound.  You’ll still find a deep tone to the vocals, which go perfectly in line with the heavy jangle that holds the song together.  Take a listen to this killer tune.


Download: Finnmark! – Brännö [MP3]

Another Hit from Finnmark!

coverBack in February I brought you a nice little tune from Finnmark, a Leeds based group with a relaxed pop approach.  Just a week back, the group released a brand new song through February Records; it’s even better than the first tune they tossed our way.  Opening the track with some skipping percussive work and monosyllabic ba-bas, you’re hooked.  From there, the group ambles on in a subtle bouncing mode, which inevitably finds itself winning you over, only to return to the monosyllabic for the closing moments of the chorus.  The more hits these guys make, the happier man I will be.


Download: Finnmark! – Everyone’s Dying [MP3]


Relaxed Pop from Finnmark!

1641599171-1You’d think that based on the name, Finnmark! would be stuck somewhere in Scandanavia, and while the music may be as such, the band itself comes from Leeds.  I can’t really say enough about this single, encouraging me to give the group my full backing, even on just one track.  I love the effortless vocals, matched perfectly by the churning guitars.  Towards the end of the song, my love affair just fell deeper with the vocals stretching to higher pitches. For now, just enjoy this great tune and thank me later.  I’ll keep you posted as I hear more from the band.


Download:Finnmark! – Through A Glass Darkly [MP3]