Top Songs of 2013

best songs ath 2013We’ve put our pretty little heads together ladies and gentlemen to bring you our favorite songs from this past year.  It was a difficult task with our ever growing staff, but we feel like this list best represents the diverse taste of our staff.  Love it or hate it, it’s ours to call our own.  Hit play and put your head down or dance or shimmmy or drool or whatever works. Most of all we hope you hear something you missed, something you want to buy or something you want to see live.

Scroll past the playlist for full the run of the bestest songs ever this year.

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New Fun Pop From First Rate People

636First Rate People created a lot of buzz a couple of years ago with 2 upbeat pop songs with promise of a full album of recorded material soon to follow.  Well the band went quiet after that initial buzz and took a bit longer to record their debut album than originally planned.  The debut LP is now said to be ready for release sometime later this year and a new single appearing on the album “Dark Age” can be found below.  I’m hearing a great song for summer complete with catchy beats, sunny sounds, and nice electronics that fill in as you go.  Stay tuned for more from these guys.

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New Music From First Rate People

In the midst of a rather boring week of summer, I went out looking for a happy little pop number and was given just that by Ontario’s First Rate People.  This new song “Someone Else Can Make a Work of Art” is intended as one and done single to build hype for an upcoming full length.  It you’re enjoying the sounds made by the band, check out previously released dance hall ready single “Girls’ Night” over on Don’t Die Wondering.


Download: First Rate People – Someone Else Can Make a Work of Art [MP3]