Holy Wave – Five of Cups

For the past however many years, Holy Wave has been working in the Austin music scene, often times as the sort of bastard step-child of heavy-hitters the Black Angels, and sadly overlooked more often than not. Careful ears will have seen that the group have been gradually moving away from similarities, and Five of Cups is the perfect statement album, making the group a powerful beast all their own. Broke it down into track by track for you all, with some trite final thoughts at the end.

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Holy Wave Share New Single

If I went back about ten years to the first time we heard Holy Wave, I’ll be honest, I might not have expected them to end up where they are now, musically stepping outside of the traditional psych realm they long championed as part of the Austin scene. Their latest track, seems like you’ve taken some nod to a jazz-infused krautrock and blended it with the foggy atmospheric pop of acts like the Clientele; it feels like a track perfect for a day drenched in rain and clouds (something we’re not quite accustomed to down here in Austin!). My fascination really circles this incredible rhythm pulse it gives the song this thick life that allows the rest of the tune to swell and ebb; it’s a beautiful piece that has us really excited for Five of Cups, which is out August 4th via Suicide Squeeze. You can also check a video HERE (premiered by Post-Trash).

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