Washer Blasts Out a Hit

washedoutI was immediately hooked on this new Washer single; it’s got discordant guitars ringing in your ear, but the vocal is what really got me into the tune.  There’s a familiarity in it, almost like early Braid, but then it takes on a scratchy yell to add some emphasis towards the end.  In less than two-minutes the band packs a huge punch to your eardrums, but they don’t stick around long enough to wear you out.  This tune’s definitely winning me over, which encourages me to pick up the band’s Split EP with Flagland when it hits on May 5th.

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Flagland – Love Hard

flaglandRating: ★★★☆☆

When you first look at Flagland‘s new record, you’re probably going to find it a bit daunting; it’s 20 songs, which for some might be a lot, but don’t let that deter you.  Love Hard deserves your listening ears.  The listen is all over the place, but while that might be tiresome to a few, it actually makes the entire journey quite fun.

“Superlove” casually opens the adventure with a strummed guitar and calming vocal, before the rough edges start to shine a little bit.  Those gritty bits make their way as the opening to “Searchers,” but stick around for the pounding drum and maneuvering bass line that leads the way for a nice bit of distorted guitar work.  While the rhythm bounces along there’s some stuttering vocals to clear the way for the knifing guitar bits. Then you’re jumped into a fast-paced rocker via “Swingin,” which resembles a quickened Southern garage tune. But, Flagland slows things down for a bit.

“Happiness” is more of a pop song disguised as an anthemic guitar tune.  There’s a touch of frailty to the vocal performance, and to show they don’t mind being their own act, they even toss in some space-age samples.  The tune hops a long to catch little end. Then you’re quickly given another slow burner via “Not a Joke.”  It sounds like a catchy garage demo, but I mean that in a good way.  Personally, I’d skip a song or two and find yourself at one of the stand outs of Love Hard, “Monster.”  There’s a familiarity to this track, though I can’t quite put my finger on it (early Liars may haps). Regardless, it’s a pummeling tune that definitely provides your angst with an outlet.

You see, Flagland doesn’t stay in one place for long, and while I admit that I know that’s troubling for listeners, it’s made the listens enjoyable because you’re not inundated with a monotonous style.  One of my favorite tracks as you move to the latter half of the record is “Sugarcube.” It blurs the lines between pop-punk and power-pop, catchy in every sense of the word. It goes along well with “It’s Your Time,” which might be the best song that J Mascis forgot to write.  Vocals are pleasant while the distorted guitars have a heavier tonal quality; the last time I played the record, it was my favorite jam of that round.

It’s refreshing to come across a record like Love Hard.  Sometimes you get bogged down with one sound or one sonic direction from a band, but Flagland aim to keep things interesting.  They add snippets and quick songs to keep the pace of the record moving forward, then fleshing out your listen with longer numbers.  If you’re tired of the same old thing, then you’ll want to pick up this album.


Download: Flgland – Sugarcube [MP3]


Flagland Keep Pumping Out the Hits

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’re just a short few weeks away from the highly anticipated new album from Flagland.  Today they return with yet another hit from Love Hard, which is one of my favorite tracks from the record.  It’s one of the record’s longer songs, but it’s one of those that reminds me of the youthful excitement we all enjoyed, when riffs were sharp and lyrics were shouted. The entire record holds onto that sentiment, screaming for you to partake in its carefree exuberance.  You can pick it up from Father Daughter Records on February 25th.


Download: Flgland – Sugarcube [MP3]

Flagland Continue to Kick Out the Jams

lovehardAs Flagland have continued their rise in our musical world, they’ve offered various musical forms.  They’ve been soft, brash and explosive, but this latest tune recalls the sharp-edged sword that once was Liars.  It’s darkened post-punk with bursts of rasping lyrics that force you to turn down your stereo so you won’t wake the neighbors.  You’ll be able to get their new record, Love Hard, via the consistent Father Daughter Records on February 25th.  Be prepared to have a little fun with your listening habits; it’s all over the map in an enjoyably spastic way.



New Jam From Flagland

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s an interesting new track I’m digging called “Comfortable Life” coming your way from Brooklyn based trio Flagland.  The track is fairly average for about 1:56, until things really open up into a truly special moment.  I won’t tell you anything else about it so you can be just as pleasantly surprised as I was near the end.  Don’t ruin the ending!  Seriously, stick with the song the whole way through and enjoy the badassness.

New album, Love Hard, is due out February 25th on Father/Daughter Records.

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