Brothers Griin Announce Joy City

Brothers Griin is not a Flaming Lips side project; it’s a high octane dance party consistently evolving into beat-driven hooks by two dudes who just happen to be in the Flaming Lips…they also happen to add a bunch of their friends to the mix on their debut Joy City. And, to be honest, Nick’s been a friend of the site since the early days of Colourmusic! This track relies upon the hook thrown in from Abbey of Chair Model, adding this angelic coating of sweetness to the thumping of the work put down by the duo. Brothers Griin are a reminder we can still throw down and have a blast together (with masks and 6ft!). Look for their debut Joy City via Graveface on May 2nd.

Strong Vibes from British Sea Power

britishseaI’ve had friends who’ve toured and worked with British Sea Power, yet somehow this is the first track that really pulled me in immediately.  I love how the song builds from the get-go, with this really perfect vocal performance creeping in softly; I also like how the strings and horns are restrained until called upon by the band. It’s one of those songs that seems like the orchestration and vibe are pretty near perfect; I just imagine a cleaner, saner version of Flaming Lips or Polyphonic Spree…it’s orchestral pop music done like no few else. Their new effort, Sea of Brass, is being released on October 30th via Golden Chariot Records. You won’t be able to get enough of this track.

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Pulsating Pop from VOWS

wvosListening back to this latest tune from Vows, I’m finding this odd mixture where Caribou meets the world of the Flaming Lips.  It’s a strange sensation, sometimes pulsating with electronic magic, yet still holding onto what one would call a sense of oddity.  The oddball  sensation definitely permeates through this track, yet the groove ultimately fulfills your listening needs, giving you a little bit more oomph in your step.  Soon Enough Love, their next release, will be released later this summer via Vermont’s Section Sign Records.

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New Jamz From Phantogram

phantogramI’m not one to repost music that’s been everywhere and back again on the internet, but I just can’t resist this one from Phantogram.  Enjoy much?  It’s a jam that no one could resist really.  Take this into your weekend and you can thank me later, k?

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New Blissful Pop from The Color Bars

When you get a press release that mentions Belle and Sebastian, The Flaming Lips and Pavement all at once, you’ve either got to be excited or scared.  After listening to this single from The Color Bars, I will definitely say I’m leaning towards excitement, and clamoring to get my hands on their recently released record, Prosopopoeia.  Really, it’s just great pop music, and with the electronic influence on this track, I’m getting more of an Of Montreal feeling here, giving a bit of classic quirkiness, though it’s a bit more in the nerdy vein as opposed to Kevin Barnes hyper sexuality.  Just let the hooks sweep you through the day.


Download: The Color Bars – Structupoppie Rally [MP3]

Friday Top 5: Top Five Song Spots

In a conversation with one of our local blogger friend’s, Sonic Itch Mike, I decided that I really needed to take a close look at which spots on any given album are the killer spots to put your hits.  Some people think that the immediacy really makes Track 1 the best, but I’m going to look a little closer at this idea.  I mean, there are hundreds of classic albums out there, and surely they ascribe to this great song placement formula.

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ACL Battles: Band of Horses Vs. Flaming Lips

With only about a week and a half remaining until the huge ACL festival starts on the 8th of this month, it’s time that you really start thinking about that plan of action for who you want to see over the weekend.  Sometimes your choice will be easy with only one decent band playing at a certain time, but then you’ll have a choice like this one that will make you want to pull your hair out.  So on the one hand you have The Flaming Lips who formed over 25 years ago and have been doing their psych rock thing for longer than most of us can remember.  But then we have a more recent favorite in Band of Horses who can still hold their own despite their relatively short career together.  Both bands are playing on Sunday late in the day at 6pm on opposite sides of the festival, so you have little hope of catching a bit of both sets.  My initial feeling was to go with Band of Horses based on my just having seen Flaming Lips at Free Press Summer Fest earlier this summer.  Plus, I feel like The Lips are still using the same damn live gimmicks that they’ve been hitting us with for the last 5-6 years… I mean cool, but I’ve seen it more than once.  Then again, Flaming Lips play right before The National on back to back stages so it would be nice to just post up and avoid fighting the crowds.  I also fear that the Band of Horses crowd could be old hippie city since The Eagles play on the same stage shortly after BOH. My indifference towards the recent material from both of these bands may cause me to just go with a majority vote amongst my friends.  Care to share your thoughts?

[audio:] [audio:]

New Music from The Octopus Project

One of our favorite local acts, The Octopus Project are gearing up to release a new collection of songs, titled Hexadecagon.  The project began, as the band is like to do, with a bit of an artistic inspiration, writing the songs to video clips, and recording in the manner of the Flaming Lips on Zaireeka.  This collection hits the streets on October 26th, and just you wait for the band to rock it out, just like they do near the end of this track.


Downlaod: The Octopus Project – Fuguefat [MP3]

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