Stream Basketball Shorts Hot and Ready LP

basketballIf you’re in Austin, you surely were in attendance at the ridiculously rowdy (and fun) Basketball Shorts album release last week at Cheer Ups. But, unfortunately, not everyone lives in Austin, so we wanted to make sure that everyone got to hear the entirety of the bands new album, Hot and Ready, which we’re releasing with our friends at Fleeting Youth Records. It’s a pop-punk album, fueled with energy, hooks and pop culture references…so infectious you’ll play it again and again. You can buy it HERE, or grab it/stream it on iTunes and Spotify. You buy it from me, I’ll throw in a free copy of the 7″ by Big Bill, the arch enemy of Basketball Shorts. It’s super limited on clear vinyl with blue streaks.

Plus if you’re in Austin, the band plays a free show tonight at Vegan Nom, with free booze and good times promised.

Basketball Shorts Album Release @ Cheer Up Charlies (Tomorrow)

basketballTomorrow night, I ask that our friends in Austin please do what you can to leave everything behind and just let yourself free by joining us at Cheer Up Charlies for the release of the new Basketball Shorts record, Hot and Ready. Some albums are perfect in what they bring to the table…excitement, memories, exhilaration…all present on this new release. Plus, the line-up for the show is stacked with local Austin talent: Popper Burns, Foreign Mothers and Flesh Lights. For those of you not in Austin, but looking for your favorite new album, it’s available HERE…and shipping out already!

Brand New Basketball Shorts

basketballTogether with our friends at Fleeting Youth Records, we’re excited to release Hot and Ready, the new Basketball Shorts LP. With the NBA season over, it’s time to look forward to football in the fall…and these Austin punkers have the perfect track for you, especially you Texas folks: “Romo to Dez.” While the song references our favorite scoring duo, the song’s actually a love song…here’s what singer Ben Shorts has to say:

“I am a lifelong Cowboys fan. I mean I grew up in Dallas in the 90s. It was only time before I let it out in song. This song though, is more about how I felt when I use to see this one person I was dating. I would get so excited when I thought about them, and the only thing I could relate to that excitement was when Romo hits Dez for a touchdown pass. In my head I wrapped up the anticipation, the tension, and the release, all in one phrase. When I think about you, I Romo to Dez.”

Grab the cleary vinyl (with splatters) HERE or HERE, or just pick it up on July 8th when it’s released.

Rock Out with New Mumblr

mumblr-4Mumblr have worked hard on their latest album to really pull away from the tried and true sound of emo-punk that’s helped them gain some popularity. Interestingly enough, I think this is the tightest the band has sounded, not to mention the most enthused they’ve sounded. This new single from The Never Ending Get Down does still look back nostalgically, but less into the poppier side of things and more into the area where Jawbreaker pulled up the pop stoplight. Chords ring, cymbals crash, and you’re hooked on everything that’s great…which is pretty much this whole tune. Look for their new album via Fleeting Youth Records on June 10th.

ATH Records + Fleeting Youth = Basketball Shorts

bballshortsWe’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy this year with our various releases on ATH Records, so we aim to keep that up, at least for the time being. We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Fleeting Youth Records to release a super special limited edition LP from Austin’s Basketball Shorts; Hot and Ready will come on clear vinyl with smoky blue swirls…a run of 350 split across the three participating parties. The band have long been a favorite of the Austin scene, blasting pop punk jams in your face whenever they take the stage. This is their debut LP, and we couldn’t be more excited for you to hear it. Pre-Order is up; it’ll ship on or before July 12th.

Blasting Rock from Frail

12472803_1674740646109481_2095567835399816333_nTell your ears to hold on, the distortion level runs high with Frail. But, that being said you’re likely to fall in love with the band’s blend of melody and heavy riffs. There’s some resemblance to Teenage Fanclub (or Growl if you’re in Austin), though these guys play a bit louder, and perhaps a bit more youthful. Sounds like they just want to turn their guitars up as loud as possible and invite you have a bit of fun with them. This tune appears on the band’s forthcoming debut EP, which will be released on May 13th via Fleeting Youth Records.

Country Ballad from Snakes

snakesI’m continuing with my taste for country as of late, though I can see a lot of folks getting into the work of Snakes. Sure, there’s that classic Western sound, from the guitar (even the sound of the strings buzzing whilst being strummed) to the pacing of the percussion, but there’s also a little bit of sadness/darkness that comes through. You can even hear the band galloping towards the song’s close, so don’t be surprised to find yourself loving this. It’s the first single from the band’s forthcoming self-titled record, which you will be able to get your hands on when it’s released on May 6th via Fleeting Youth Records.

More from Ghost King

ghostkingWe tossed out the first single from Ghost King not too long ago, so we may as well get this brand new one up today…that, and it’s a really good track. I like the relaxed vibe on this tune, with the band really fleshing out their sound as the tune moves forward. The wailing vocal that comes around the 2 minute mark is a nice touch to hint at the grittier fuzzed out moments to follow near the end of the track. This song should guide you to picking up the group’s new album, Bones, which will be released on April 1st by Fleeting Youth Records.

Sludgy Rocker from Ghost King

bonesOur friends over at Fleeting Youth Records, who we’re working with on the upcoming Basketball Shorts LP, will soon be releasing a new album from Ghost King. There’s a heavy hand on this track, but the central force still maintains some melody, fitting perfectly when it’s juxtaposed to the darker bass groove that works through the track. They recorded their new album, Bones, live, which definitely can be felt through this song; you can feel the live emotion coming through the speakers as the song slowly fades out. You can grab their album on March 25th.

More Fresh News from Le Rug

lerug2Not too long ago we brought you news of Le Rug and their new release, Game Over. It’s said to be a collection of 70+ songs on both cassette and digital formats via Fleeting Youth Records, and while that may sound daunting, I think everyone is going to get more than their fill. On the latest teen there’s almost a nostalgic late emo feel, akin to early Say Anything. Still, there’s this wild indifference to the polish and production, which makes these songs rather endearing to listeners, ignoring expectations in order to just rock ahead. Look for the release from FYR on November 20th.

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