New Music from Soltero

Soltero has been fairly quiet over the last several years, but you can’t keep a good songwriter down. This Friday Tim Howard will released Western Medicine Blues, and fans of literary folk will want to take note. He opens this new song with careful wordplay over lightly strummed chords; this would normally be enough to win me over, but Howard isn’t settled with just enough. Backing vocals enter just after the 1 minute mark, guitar chords become more pronounced in the mix…then we’re off with percussion rolling and guitar accompanying guitar flares. If you find this song as endearing as I, then look for the new album to drop on Friday!

Friday Folk from Joseph Childress

Yet another illustration of Joseph Childress‘ magic awaits you below. He’s graced our site many a time, but I think his powers are fully realized here. A great deal of the track operates around voice and guitar picking; he sounds fragile and open, much like Tallest Man on Earth. Suddenly, his voice soars at the 1 minute mark, rising above the mix, only to settle down and carry on with the song. Perhaps it’s a tried and true trick, but it allows the listener to seek out that soar once again (only listening below will let you discover). His self-titled album will be out on October 6th via Empty Cellar Records.

Hear a New Song from Marijuana Sweet Tooth

I’ve always wandered what exactly is a Marijuana Sweet Tooth, but I like to think its the band’s approach to songwriting, offering their listeners a relaxed calm that you’ll beg to revisit. They quietly dropped a new single this week, as solemn as one would expect, yet drifting in its sentiment. Guitars slide behind the vocals, while other notes are carefully strummed to supply emphasis to the voice. I love how the male and female roles seem to go back and forth with one another, yet they often share the same ideas. If you’re looking to fade away into the day, then press play below.

Gentle New Laucan Tune

Laucan has been on my radar for some time, and we even encouraged folks this year to catch him at SXSW. He’s back with a song from his debut album, and it’s just as stunning as we’ve come to expect. It takes on a traditional folk vibe, working melodic vocals over gently strummed guitar and light percussive notes. For me, the texture of strings in the background elevates the tune, stepping in line with pounding drum hits as the song’s natural tension pushes forward as the song fades to a close. FramesPerSecond will be out on August 21st via Sundays Best…and it might just bring you your favorite new folk musician.

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Mat Hunsley Croons New Single

My schizophrenic music day looks to bring in a folk vibe in my listening, encouraged by this great new Mat Hunsley track. The musical performance here is rather sublime, but also fairly limited, built around intimate strumming with some added layers. What will steal the show for your ears is Hunsley’s voice; this is the sound you want to hear as you’re fading off into a deep slumber. It’s soothing, softening around each corner as Mat offers up the notes. Those of you looking for great voices in your ear today will hopefully pick up on this new gem.

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Quiet Folk from Roman Lakes

The last time I wrote up something about Roman Lakes I was marveling at the intimacy of the recording. This time around, well, you’re going to get a bit more polish on the lead song, but it still holds you closely, wrapping you up in the warmth from the first instant. However, things do change a touch with the addition of drummer Mario Lunardo…give this song a few moments before he joins in to really make the track something quite special. Bleeding Gold Records is offering it up for the “name your price” mark, but remember to please donate to always keep great small labels running.

New Music from Tim Carr

timcarrSitting at my desk here this morning, and it’s relatively cold outside (for Austin anyways). For me, music somehow has this emotional warming, which leads into the physical warmth, so I’m grateful that this Tim Carr track has come across my desk. While there’s a mixture of somberness with the uplifting quality of the rhythms in the song’s latter half, I think it’s the perfect way to let yourself get carried away. Carr’s voice is enchanting, and there’s something spiritual in the simplicity of his playing style. His debut, the Last Day of Fighting, will be out on December 16th.

Strong Folk Feels from Catch Prichard

catchSlide guitar carefully works behind careful picking on this new single from Catch Prichard. If you’re into the musicianship, then you’re likely to find yourself lost in the careful bits of production. Me? I’m in this for the voice, or the combo of the two, but that voice. There’s a wavering in the notes as they come from the mouth of singer Sawyer Gebauer; it’s akin to several other artists, but I love how it seemingly offers up a certain sense of fragility. This song appears on the Eskota EP, which is being release by Devise Records on October 21st.

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Folk Ballad from Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster

justpeterMaybe it’s the fact that summer in Texas is sweltering hot, or maybe it’s just that time of year, but folk music has really been hitting the spot on the home stereo. That brings with it Interweb scouring, where I found this Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster tune off his forthcoming record, Constant Stranger. There’s a fragility in his voice, especially the way he carries some of the notes; I always envision myself staring out the window on a long West Texas car drive during the instrumental moments. Looking forward to the full release on September 30th via Big Legal Mess.

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Start Thursday with Folk from Itasca

itascaThursday’s always seem like the worst days for me; you’re over the hump, but not quite to the weekend…it’s always been my slowest day. So, this new song from Itasca seems the perfect way to begin the day. Slide guitar is draped over careful guitar strumming, well-placed bells and the voice of Kayla Cohen. It’s a calming piece, and in being such, it allows you to ease into your day, start off things on an even keel. Plus, it comes with news that the project will release a new album, Open to Chance, on September 30th via Paradise of Bachelors.

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