Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.14 – 2.18)

What were the hot jams from last week? Well. We have them. We put them on a nice little playlist (you can complain about it later) so you could enjoy revisiting the hits. We’ve been running spotlights on SXSW artists, so you’ve got tunes from Logan Lynn, Grant Pavol and Elephant Stone, hoping it’ll catch your eye and get you to check out the interviews. Our friends in Good Looks dropped a new tune, plus we’ve got absolute rippers from Bodega and Dehd, plus some cool shit under the radar from Star Party, Salt Lake Alley, Red Pants and Howless.

Fontanarosa Share OH ID Video

I’m always keen to see what’s going on with Howlin Banana Records, as they’re always uncovering cool gems we’re probably not getting force-fed over here in the States. This past week they announced the forthcoming Are You There LP from Lyon’s Fontanarosa. At times, this feels like a meditative post-punk, with the rhythm tripping over itself as the vocals indifferently drop through your speakers. Hitting the 2 minute mark, the song begins to open up beyond that, stretching itself beyond the meditative state into a little bit of discord and artiness, while still keeping that pulsing rhythm that drives the tune forward. The LP is out on March 18th!

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