Rock N’ Recipes: R.E. Seraphin

As we continue our Rock n’ Recipes feature, we wanted to reach out to our old friend R.E. Seraphin, who has connections all the way to one of the earliest ATH Records releases (Mean Jolene!). A little over a month ago, his project released their new album, Fool’s Mate, so we reached out to Ray to talk about influences, the recording process and more. Plus, he’s got a killer recipe for Pimento Cheese that you’re going to have to try! Read on to hear more from R.E. Seraphin.

Stream his latest LP:

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Friday Album Streams: Outer World, Rosie Tucker and More

It’s Friday, and while we’ve got several brand new tracks we want you to peep, it’s also the release day of several great records we’ve been looking at and listening to on repeat. You can go back through the site and find the singles, or you can just click on each stream below and enjoy yourself. Remember…please buy the music; that’s why I’ve got the BC links so you can at least donate to the bands/labels that keep rock n’ roll alive.

Outer WorldWho Does the Music Love (HHBTM Records)

Rosie TuckerUtopia Now! (Sentimental Records)

Klaus Johann Grobelo tu il loro (Trouble In Mind Records)

R.E. SeraphinFool’s Mate (Safe Suburban Home)

R.E. Seraphin Shares Expendable Man

Our old pal R.E. Seraphin released this great track from his latest LP, but, as I was fairly busy, I had to be sure I celebrated its release one week later…so here we are. For me, this song’s all about the sort of rolling pop, be it the drums or the whispering fashion of Ray’s vocals this go round, there’s something in it that just seems like a roller coaster of gliding pop. You’ll also find some quick little spurts of snappy rhythm and emphatic vocals in the chorus, giving off just a wee bit of attitude to keep it in the realms of rock n’ roll. If you’re digging it, Fool’s Mate is out this Friday via Safe Suburban Home and Take a Turn Records!

R.E. Seraphin Preps Fool’s Mate + Shares Bound

Think we’ve got 2 degrees of separation from R.E. Seraphin, but that’s neither here nor there, as we’ve got a fresh LP and a new track that immediately require your attention. A light little jangle and a wash of atmosphere opens things up, with the song taking a propulsive bass line under its wings as they push towards a meet and greet with the melodic center force. Seraphin’s vocals have a really nice warm jacket atop, perhaps with a nod to the album’s producer Jason Quever (Papercuts)…and whatever, it’s a really nice move that really takes Ray’s songwriting to the next level. Fool’s Mate is the new album, dropping on March 22nd via Take a Turn Records and Safe Suburban Home Records.

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