Late to the Game: Plums

plumsPretty sure any of you reading that are looking for some good indiepop are going to really enjoy what’s going on with Plums, if you haven’t been hipped to them already.  They’ve got that twinkling guitar sound, like our friends in Literature or Rose Selavy; the tones of the vocals are warm and calming, creating the perfect balance for the band’s sound.  They just released their new EP, Jen, via cassette on Forged Artifacts, but you can also grab it digitally via the NYOP (donate or die). It’s seven tracks that’ll make you come back for more and more, just the way indiepop should.

Psychedelic Soul from France Camp

purgeWe’ve got Levitation (formerly Austin Psych Fest) on our brains around the ATH offices, and I’m already suggesting to the festival that they sign up France Camp for next year’s fest.  This first single off their new album, Purge, has exactly what you’ve wanted you’re psych rock tune to sound like, especially if you like your song to have some precision.  Sure, you can hear that guitar sound, but it doesn’t wander too far, staying perfectly in place with the tune to bring this tight cohesion that benefits your listening experience. This new LP will be released in limited numbers via Forged Artifacts on May 19th, so be sure you’re one of those to get your hands on it.

New Music from Panther Ray

prayPop centric sounds are being spun all around the Internets nowadays, but I really like what the folks in Panther Ray are offering up today.  They’ve got a brand new single that vaguely resembles the enthusiasm of early Pains of Being Pure at Heart, though they’re relying less on classic indiepop tropes and more on the guitar-infused alternative stylings.  The track has just enough noise to blow out your speakers, but comes home to roost with the cool quality of the vocals.  You’ll be able to hear their new album, Ripple, on April 24th via Forged Artifacts.

Really Enjoying This New Iles Song

ilesFrom the second I clicked on this new Iles tune, I figured it was going offer me something in the way of The Lodger; it’s got that same high energy high step guitar line, creating a stomp of the feet.  Then the vocals enter carrying the tune off into a dreamier realm; it creates a rad little juxtaposition, filled with slow melodies and high energy.  This is the lead single off of the album titled Apartments, which should be out this Spring via Forged Artifacts.

Have You Heard the New Alexei Shishkin

alexeiA few weeks ago we talked to you about the new Forged Artifacts artist Alexei Shishkin, and now we’ve got yet another tune to really get you inside the songwriter’s head.  On the latest single Alexei seems to turn his focus into the lyrical content, lamenting the loss of a life near the ocean.  It’s interesting when you put that next to our modern world where we’re all seemingly too caught up to catch a breath, so I can empathize with Shishkin’s longing for a slower pace to life. Take a listen and look for The Dog Tape to appear in April.

Energetic Rocker from What Tyrants

unnamedI love a track that opens with some rambunctious guitar riffs, setting the mood for a really good time.  That’s precisely what the lads in What Tyrants have brought to the table, just before their vocals come into the party.  The Minneapolis trio is specializing in making catchy garage rock that’s as infectious as it is edgy.  These tunes will pummel your ears, but their fast, so you’ll have plenty of time for recovery.  Look for their debut No Luck to be released on March 24th via Forged Artifacts.

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