Last Week’s Jams (5.20 – 5.24)

Sorry for being absent, but gotta take a day off when the government allows. Looking back at last week, we covered a ton of stuff, and I couldn’t even post it all, as there’s a few tracks missing from DSPs like the new Dennis Callaci/Heimito Kunst collaboration. But, my new flavor of the year, My Best Unbeaten Brother returned with a new tune, as did Oh Boland, so all sorts of really sweet pop made its way in here. Stoked to see there’s another Nightshift album coming out from Trouble In Mind later this year, thus you’ll hear that early in the mix. Somehow ended up with several great tunes stretching over 5 minutes, so if you’ve got time, be sure to not skip ahead! Bunch of tunes from your favorite ADHD curator! Also, if you’re on the site, be sure to check our friend Michael Maly’s photos from the recent Idles set here in town!

Found Space Drop Turning Over a New Leaf

Portland dreamer Found Space are set to release their debut EP this June, and they’ve offered a tasty little tease of what’s in store for listeners. Admittedly, it didn’t take much for me to get sucked in, being drawn by the snappy drum work and the wash of synths at the get-go. From there, the track picks up some guitar elements and takes on a bit more depth, only to peel it away back to allow for the vocals to suspend themselves in the air around your ears. All that was quite pleasant, but then they raise the bar at the 1:09 minute mark, letting the energy reach a climax for the pleasure of the audience. Little bit of dance, little bit of dreamy, and a whole lot of hooks. Look for Closer on Spirit Goth on June 28th.

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