Criminal Hygiene Wow Us Again

Criminal HygieneCome on now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re aware of our love affair with all things Criminal Hygiene.  These guys have been pleasing our ears since we first heard their music and we try to do all we can to spread the good word about quality sounds.  With all that out of the way, the boys just sent us this lovely new track called “Turpentine”.  What starts as a poppy sort of rock tune yields its way to yet another raucous and guitar laden track from a rowdy rock band.  It just keeps getting better and better.  If you don’t know, get wise fool.


Download: Criminal Hygiene – Turpentine [MP3]

New Music from Thalassocracy

artBy now you know that one of my favorite labels is Art is Hard Records, and one of the founding men behind the label has his own act, Thalassocracy.  As a follower of the label I’ve been quite impressed, as the band’s work equals that of the group’s on the label.  The newest tune from the group has this chugging guitar with these distant vocals coming in with a mellow semi-shout.  There’s nothing particularly mind-blowing about the tune other than the fact that I just want to turn it up really loudly and blast through my speakers!  Join me won’t you.


Download: Thalassocracy – Shimensoka [MP3]

Even More From Rivergazer


Rivergazer is a band that recently signed to Father Daughter Records and have been pushing hard to promote their upcoming album on the label.  No we’ve already shared with you two songs from the upcoming effort that were both fairly poppy and fun.  Today the band has taken another bit of a left turn sound wise with this new single “Lonely”.  It’s more of a singer songwriter themed tune with some bits of atmospheric noise in the background and an entracing guitar throughout.  If you put all of these singles together, it looks like we’re going to get an eclectic and mesmerizing LP.

Pick up new album Random Nostalgia on August 12th.  I promise it’s going to be worth your time.


Download: Rivergazer – Lonely [MP3]

Catchy Number from the Death of Pop

deatI really appreciate labels that do incredibly interesting projects, which is how I feel about the new piece of work that’s coming your way soon via Art Is Hard Records.  The British label is going to be releasing a new 7″ from the Death of Pop on flexi disc, and while that’s great, they’ll also be including a 20 page zine with your order, making it more than just your ordinary 7″ single.  It’ll give you a download for their latest EP, which features the tune we’ve got here.  It’s a bit of a jangling pop song, but also holds little hints of dreamy shoegaze; combining those two elements is rarely done as well as it is below.  Take a listen, and order HERE.


Download: The Death of Pop – Whenever [MP3]

New Music from Cloud Boat

cloudboatWhen Cloud Boat released their debut album back in 2013 there was a lot of acclaim for the group on the overseas hype machine, so it’s surprising to see the group return so quickly.  Their new offering  is definitely something to spend some time with today, filled with dense instrumentation and a gentle vocal topping the band’s work.  It’s interesting to me, as I don’t really hear a lot of bands crafting music such as this at the moment; then again, I’ve been on a rock n’ roll kick as of late.  It’s definitely a strong step forward for the UK act, and only time will tell how they continue to grow.


Download: Cloud Boat – Carmine [MP3]

Dirty Pop from Favored Nations

favoredNow that SXSW is over, it’s funny that I should get blasted into some of my favorite SXSW memories via a post involving former Diamond Nights member Morgan.  His new band, Favored Nations is a blend between Chromeo and Phoenix, offering these throwback pop songs that are geared towards lighting up the dance floors.  But, since Morgan’s at the helm, you’ll find some dirty lyrics, whether they’re truly referencing “Regular Pussy” or not will be up to you to decide.  While we all wait for the band to finish up their album, you can also check out THIS VIDEO that accompanies the tune below.


Download: Favored Nation – Regular Pussy [MP3]

New Track From Unicycle Loves You

d2b589b0f978ab1f5240d942d3ab782b1e727f49Been quite awhile since I’ve heard anything from Brooklyn/Chicago based group Unicycle Loves You, and I’m thrilled to hear some new music from them.  This new joint is called “Face Tattoo” and features a great, washed out sort of garage rock sound.  From what I’m hearing, I’d expect the band to put on a great live show too, though I’ve never had the pleasure.

Pick up new album, The Dead Age, due out June 10th on HighWheel Records.


Download: Unicycle Loves You – Face Tattoo [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Summer Swells

944816_682268098470608_177123419_nOur apologies to those in Austin who knew about Summer Swells before we did.  This shit happens sometimes man.  With that out of the way, check out this track from the local boys called “House on the Edge of a Hill”.  To me, the band combines this crazy mixture of The Walkmen’s best guitar melodies with modern country twang.  Sounds like Austin to me.  If you’re a fan of the tune, check out more from these guys on their bandcamp page with recent EP Old Gold


Download: Summer Swells – House on the Edge of a Hill [MP3]

More New Music From Gem Club

gem_club_tonjeEarlier this month we shared a great new track with you from Gem Club, and today we’re ready to send another new tune from the band your way.  This one is called “Polly” and features more of the similar orchestral type feel with haunting vocals and a mesmerizing feel that’s sure to draw you in.  This new album may not be for everybody, especially those of you with no patience, but I recommend you pick up a copy when it’s out and enjoy the beauty within.

Once again, new album Roses will be out January 24th on Hardly Art.


Download: Gem Club – Polly [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Technicolor Hearts

a3436299103_10After maybe a year or two of what seemed like a lull in the Austin music scene, I’m incredibly excited to see the wealth of new and talented bands that have been popping up recently.  This city is the live music capital for a reason so we need you starving artists to keep it that way.  Today I’m sharing with you new find Technicolor Hearts.  This new project comes your way from former Agent Ribbons member Naomi Cherie and her pal Joseph Salazar. They together have created these great driving, almost trance like sort of beats with swirling guitar riffs sucking us in throughout their tunes.  This track below, “Pretty”, is a perfect example of that.  You’ll certainly be bobbing your head.

Check out the band’s new EP Under the Big Blue Umbrella Sky over on bandcamp.


Download: Technicolor Hearts – Pretty [MP3]

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