Premiere: Fresh Single from Draag

draagonDream pop’s everywhere these days, but in order to stand out from the crowd one has to offer something slightly different, which is why I wanted you to hear this new Draag single.  Rather than simply rely upon the atmospheric wash that coats many a dream-pop tune (it is here), the band also has opted to employ this underlying groove from the rhythm section that seemingly offers hints at a tune that’s just a few production moments away from a dancefloor remix. For my ears, it’s a fresh approach, whilst still holding true to the styles of the sound itself.  The band will be releasing their Tracy Lordz (how we miss her) EP.

Chastity Belt Signs with Hardly Art

chastityI’m always happy to throw a shout out to our longtime friends over at Hardly Art, especially when I get excited about one of their new signings.  In this case, the label has signed up with Seattle’s Chastity Belt, who are bringing a nice dose of indie rock to the proverbial table.  There’s a jagged edge to the guitar riffs, though that’s often touched upon by some distortion; it’s backed by a strong vocal performance that comes across as a relaxed nod to 90s girl groups.  I also love the switch of pace that occurs here and there, throughout. Look for the group’s new album Time to Go Home on March 24th.


Download: Chastity Belt – Time to Go Home [MP3]

Catch Up on Sugar Candy Mountain

shuggaOne of the end of year LPs that really caught me was Sugar Candy Mountain; it hit just as went on our little holiday break, and I’ve been steadily to Mystic Hits every since.  It takes the standard sound of modern psychedelic music, then adds touches of pop structures to make every track on the LP successful.  The listen sort of makes me wish we were enjoying some warm weather, but at least we have these tunes to help do the trick.  You can grab the LP from Royal Oakie as we speak.


Download: Sugar Candy Mountain – Soak Up the City [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: New Music from Abram Shook

coverIf you read our Top 15 Austin Albums of 2014, you hopefully saw that Abram Shook made our list, as he deservedly should.  But, I come today not to talk you into adoring his latest work, Sun Marquee, rather to look forward to what he’ll be offering in the future. In between LPs, Abram has decided to release some free digital tracks in a series, and we’ve got one of those tunes for you to listen to today.  I love the piano’s bounce here, giving the song an unenviable hook that few can create.  Of course, he coats the track in his trademark Western croon.  Be sure to donate a buck or more to the cause, so Mr. Shook can deliver an expected collection of new hits.


Download: Abram Shook – 1964 [MP3]

The Pop of Paul Cook & the Chronicles

paulydI’ve long chronicled (see what I did there) the work and career of Paul Cook, and I’m happy to say that I can always find something enjoyable in his work. He’s a trust worthy pop songsmith, so when he passed over his new EP with request to run a new tune, I couldn’t deny him. There’s subtle touches in his work that elevate his songs above your average fare, like the female touches that come through the background during the latter half of this number.  If you like what you hear, his Night Fires EP is available for free HERE.


Download: Paul Cook & the Chronicles – Night Fires [MP3]

Download Lost Track from Sister Flo

floRecently I posted about the Finnish legend, Sister Flo, trying to get some love for the band in honor of the group releasing Tragician’s Hat on its 10 Year Anniversary…it features a whole disc of unreleased tunes.  But, one tune that was lost to the world that unfortunately didn’t make it onto the collection of rarities is “The Look.”  Clerical errors and Finnish gnomes are said to be to blame, but Soliti Music is now offering the dream track for free download.  Those of you who long for the days of Grandaddy and the like will find yourself absolutely in love, which will hopefully encourage you to go back and discover the band for the first time; you’ll be happy you gave it some spins.  Soliti has the album for sale HERE.


Download: Sister Flo – The Look [MP3]

Download Latest Single from S

jenngYou know what I respect about Hardly Art? They’re still down to give out a free download now and then.  They trust in their product; they know you’ll love what you hear, so you’ll pick it up from them.  So, with that in mind, they tossed up the newest tune from S, the project of Jenn Ghetto.  It’s much like her earlier singles, showing sonic similarities towards Tegan and Sara; no one is too cool to enjoy a great pop song…well, some of you are, but you’re probably not reading this. She’ll be releasing her album, Cool Choices, on September 23rd through the label; don’t be afraid to enjoy your day listening to this tune.


Download: S – Brunch [MP3]

Another Gem from The Bilinda Butchers

heavenI’ve written about the Bilinda Butchers on several occasions, and their label has put up the album for the lucky NYP…but I suggest you also order the white LP version of the band’s new album, Heaven.  One of the reasons I love their approach to the album is they’ve taken the story of a Japanese woman’s diary being written in the 1800s and allowed it to inform the record.  You have these interesting little instrumental pieces, or songs like the one below, all adding depth to the life of the character, Nakajima Ume. The more pop oriented tracks remind me of the Comas (who I miss). You can order the LP from Orchid Tapes if you so like (and you should).


Download: The Bilinda Butchers – Less Than [MP3]


New Song from The Black Tambourines

10321639_955360484521740_5025471425869622889_oI’ve been keeping my eye on this UK act for some time, as they seemed to have something…that something special.  On this tune,The Black Tambourines still have that vibrant energy I adored when I first tune in to their music, but to a certain degree, they’ve gone in a different direction than I expected.  The guitar work is still pretty strong, and I definitely appreciate the tenacity, yet this track feels safe.  It’s got energy and style, but we’ll have to wait until their new album is completely finished before we hear how this song fits into the fold.  Until then.


Download: The Black Tambourines – I Wanna Stay Away [MP3]

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