Fresh Tune from Zola Jesus

zolaWhen I saw that a new Zola Jesus track was floating around the net, this was not at all what I was expecting, though I’m not saying I hate it.  Her first few efforts were filled with this ethereal pop, often focusing more on the emotional side of the songs than anything else.  But, this new track immediately shows she’s got something new up her sleeve; her voice still has it’s gentle tone, but the electronic beat is wholly unexpected. Sure, there were electronic touches fleshing out the sound early on, but this pushes the artist purely into the direction of straight electronic pop.  You know what. I like it, and if you do, look for Taiga to be released on October 7th.


Download: Zola Jesus – Dangerous Days [MP3]


Dance House Banger from Anamanaguchi

anaA brand new Anamanaguchi track popped up this week, and it’s the perfect jam for a Friday morning, or a late Friday night.  It’s an electronic jam that’s reminiscent of when CSS was a really solid act, with playful vocal tracks bouncing over a hard-hitting dance beat.  It’s the kind of song you want on your playlist for all summer parties, so you can get things going in the right way from the start.  There’s no word on when the track will be released on an album, but you can definitely spend some enjoyable moments throwing down with it right now.  Give a listen.


Download: Anamanaguchi – Pop It [MP3]

Indiepop Bliss from Strange Babes

strangebabesI owe a huge debt of gratitude to IPSML for turning me on to this ridiculously glorious hit from Strange Babes.  Everything about this song is pretty perfect, from the way that it’s been recorded to the melody within the tune itself.  There’s not too much info on the band, other than an obscure reference to Los Angeles and New Zealand.  You can hear the NZ reference musically, but in the end, none of it is really going to matter because the song is pure indiepop success.  Sit back and enjoy yourself.


Download: Strange Babes – Holiday [MP3]

New Song from Web of Sunsets

webEarlier this year we raved about the wonderful debut album from Web of Sunsets, Room of Monsters.  That album was filled with these gentle songs of wandering, filled with beautiful harmonies.  Now, the band has announced that they’ll be releasing a brand new EP, titled Gin Tapes.  This song below is the first single from the EP, and it’s got a similar drifting quality, accented by really ornate guitar playing.  The EP will see a release date from End of Time Records next Tuesday, June 17th, so be on the look out for that in stores, not to mention look for the band as they’ve got a summer tour lined up, though it’s mostly West. Sad face.


Download: Web of Sunsets – Places [MP3]

New Music from The Rosebuds

rosebuddiesThere’s always been something incredibly special about the music of Rosebuds. No matter when I throw a track on, be it in a mix or just on random shuffle, there’s always an immediate change in emotion.  It’s a welcome change, even if it only enhances current states of happiness; it just feel good to listen to this band.  News just broke that they’ll be releasing a brand new album, and even more exciting is that they’ve signed on to release the record with the much revered, local label, Western Vinyl.  This LP is titled Sand + Silence, and it will be released on August 5th;  the first single is streaming below.


Download: The Rosebuds – In My Teeth [Mp3]

New Music from Crystal Stilts

crystalI’ve long been a fan of Crystal Stilts, so I’m definitely looking forward to what the band brings to the table on their next week.  This tune gives us a little bit of a peek, as the band has said this single is a step in a more rocking direction, which is how they’re approaching their next album.  I love the deep tone of the vocals, especially when the track takes more of a crooning approach.  There’s still hint of the band’s psychedelic roots in some of the guitar work, though the clarity in the song’s structure is pretty surprising.  It’s such a great tune, you’ll want to grab it now.


Download: Crystal Stilts – Delirium Tremendous [MP3]

Dream Pop from Exiles

exThere’s a slew of great releases this week, but I thought I’d point you in the direction of one that might be flying under your radar.  The gem below comes from Exiles, a Brooklyn quartet blending the sound of the beach with atmospheric dream pop; it’s definitely a relaxing take that will endear listeners who beg for great pop, plain and simple.  The band are releasing their Only Summer EP this week via We Are the Future, just in time to find a good home on your summer listening mixtapes. You’ll be grateful if you do.


Download: Exiles – Circular Key [MP3]



Austin Spotlight: Harvest Thieves Ready 7″

harvestthievesIf you’ve been keeping track of the Americana music scene in Austin the last few years you’ve surely heard of Harvest Thieves.  If you haven’t, then now’s your chance to join us as we prepare for the release of the band’s upcoming split 7″ with Sam Cassidy.  On the local act’s side, you get this sensible piece of rock n’ roll wearing hints of country heritage on the sleeve; there’s a nice bit of piano working in the background too, helping fill out the sound.  If, like us, you’re enjoying what you hear, then you should check out the group’s release show on June 5th over at Holy Mountain.  They’ll be joined by other great local acts such as A. Sinclair and Lowin.


Download: Harvest Thieves – Escape From the Paper City [MP3]


New Music from The Wind-Up Birds

coverThere’s lots of jagged-edge guitar rock coming out at the moment, but one of the acts I like to keep my eye on is The Wind-Up Birds.  The band hails from the UK, and they’re currently preparing to release Poor Music next week.  This tune here displays the band at full-force, moving quickly into the track to unleash a furious bit of rock n’ roll.  Still, they hold onto a general pop structure, making the tune infectious almost from the minute you press go.  When you’re looking for great releases next week, keep these guys in mind.


Download: The Wind-Up Birds – The Gristle [MP3]


Stickers Sign with End of Time Records

swollenSeattle’s got a great music scene, and while there’s tons of great labels (Hardly Art, Suicide Squeeze, etc), there’s a new one on the rise, End of Time Records.  The local label has just signed no-wave act, Stickers, and they’ll be releasing the band’s debut LP, Swollen, come August 12th.  Our first little sample is this darkly brooding track that erupts into a wall of dissonance, with the whole band keeping the rhythm section locked town in a propulsive manner.  It’s a sign of good things to come from the band, but grab it quick, as the LP will be limited to 500 copies.


Download: Stickers – Outlet [MP3]

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