New Hit from Neighbors

Just when I swore to the world that I was going to swear off dance-y music, I come across this new number from Neighbors, which is the preview to their upcoming August EP, which the band will release for free on May 24th.  Sure, those beats just hang there momentarily, but the vocal resemblance to Matt of The National is what really sucked me in, as I’m a sucker for baritone/bass voices when recorded.  I suppose there are other things to hate in the world, such as all the kids filming their favorite song during a concert (I’d like to see the band, not your camera), so I’ll hop back on the electronic touch here for a bit, as long as it sounds this good.


Download: Neighbors – Watergun [MP3]

ATH SXSW Guide & Sampler

It’s that time of year again for us to share with you two of our favorite things in the world: free music and show recommendations.  First up is a sampler consisting of 27 songs from some of the best up and coming bands performing at SXSW this year.  We tried to drop in some of the bigger names you already know with some of the small time guys you may not know much about.  Check out the sampler as a zip file or stream the whole thing on the sampler site.  The guys at Paravel really outdid themselves this year on the design.

Next up is our fancy SXSW guide that started last year and continues on in full power again this year.  The guide features a day by day list of 3-4 of the absolute best shows to attend.  Our goal is to try and slim down that massive list of unofficial shows you have and give you something that’s easy to read, print, or bring up on your slick iphone.  Each day should give you a few free day show options and at least one show to check out at night.  We also kept around our handy dandy food guide created last year by our friend Bonnie.  This guide is of course intended as an “ATH Recommends SXSW” guide and by no means a complete list of unofficial SXSW shows.  For that, we recommend Do512, showlistaustin, ultra8201, donewaiting, or the many many facebook groups.

Sampler Page

ATH Unofficial SXSW Guide

SXSW only comes once a year, don’t blow it.

Free Album from Ruby Coast

You know we’ve been long into Canada’s Ruby Coast, so much so that we had them play our SXSW Party back in 09′. Finally, the band have their debut ready for your ears, and today only they’re offering it up for your ears for absolutely free!  The album is called Whatever This Is, and we’ve been jamming to it all day long over here.  You definitely have to give this band a try, and like I said, if you go HERE, their debut record is totally FREE!. So go, preview it before you get it even, just try it on for size. There’s a small sample below.


Download: Ruby Coast – Stability [MP3]

SXSW Tip #1

Today as those infamous SXSW wristbands go on sale, please take a minute to read our Top 5 SXSW myths post from last year.  Please refer to #4 and see our thoughts on those lil pieces of plastic.  Also, check out SXSW pages from our friends do512, Donewaiting, The Peen Scene, Showlist Austin, Ultra8201, or We Shot Jr. for information on free/RSVP parties.  In the coming weeks we’ll make a short list/seperate site of the parties we recommend to you.  Also stay tuned next week for details on our very own international extravaganza of a Showcase during the festival.  That is all.

Shearwater @ Waterloo Records

Austin band Shearwater will be doing a free show at Waterloo Records at 5pm this Wednesday (6/11). If you’ve read our recent review of the band’s new album Rook you probably know we are excited about this free in-store. Waterloo doesn’t do much in the way of promoting these things but you can still check out the Waterloo website for more free in stores coming up or if you just want to buy some sweet tunes. Be sure you show up early because the line starts for the free keg beer pretty early. That’s right, I said free keg beer. Do you really need another reason to go? We’ll be posting pictures of the event in the coming days.

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