Last Week’s Jam’s Today (2.28 – 3.4)

Last week was one of those weeks where I wanted to write about all the songs; Ryan crushed it with tons of SXSW interviews, letting you get to know the likes of Best Move, Coyle Girelli, No Swoon and more. So, we’ve got to go back and give you a quick list of all the jams, and there were tons! You had new stuff from Austinites Friday Boys, Bright Light Social Hour and Wiretree, then Neutrals and Mick Love made my weekend with hits at the end of the week. There’s tons to browse through here, so go check it out.

Friday Boys Drop I’m Skinny Single

It’s a bummer that Beerland doesn’t exist anymore, as this new Friday Boys single seems like the perfect tune to cram into the old club’s walls. The song has this anxious pounding, crafting this suffocating heaviness; this atmosphere sets up the slight (and I mean slight) melodic twist in the chorus here, allowing for the perfect contrast. Going through the tune, it hints at the sort of discordant almost-punk offered up by the likes of Protomartyr, with Scott’s guitar skittering at the edges, so you’re likely going to find folks clamoring to catch the act; they play tonight in Austin at the Swan Dive!