Got New Michael O On Repeat All Day

Michael O is perhaps most known for his work in the Mantles, but his solo work has been equally as remarkable…in my book anyways. Just you go check out Really? and tell me what you think. Regardless, he’s back on the solo tip, with a new 3-track EP for Fruits & Flowers…with one of the delighting tunes running below. This song has this communal feeling to it, as if you’ve been sitting around jamming with Michael for sometime. The strumming steadies the melody, while the string arrangements are a nice textural touch in the far off distance. Just makes you feel better about the world knowing this song’s out there. The new 7″ comes out October 19th!

New Music from Odd Hope

A few years ago Odd Hope released a simple single on Fruits & Flowers, and it was enchanting; it still plays in many of my playlists to this day. And quietly, the group just announced another release, with this charming pop ditty. The bending guitar notes move quickly into a tight little jangle, matched by a delicate vocal that leads to the chorus of “I’ll still love you.” It’s really just a simple pop song that is executed so perfectly that you’ll be playing it over and over again the rest of the day. Look for a new release from the band on November 16th.

Pleased to Meet You: Odd Hope

oddhopeAs of late, I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find things that I hadn’t heard before, or that you haven’t heard before. In that process, I landed upon the extremely fascinating sounds of Odd Hope. It’s the work of Tim Tinderholt, and fame or not, these two songs from his new Brave and Olde 7″ are simply remarkable. There’s an understated quality to them, a simplicity that charms from the minute you press play. I think you’ll find that listening to these two tracks will immediately turn you on to Tim’s work, leaving you with your new favorite artist. I can’t wait to hear more from this guy, but for now I share with you my sweet find. The 7″ is available from Fruits and Flowers.

Fruits and Flowers Readies Compilation

ffI first stumbled upon the label Fruits and Flowers via their work with Michael O. of Mantles semi-fame. Like a good fan does, I come back to their page every few weeks to see what’s new, which is how I discovered this interesting 3-way compilation they’re putting together.  The comp features 4 tracks each from Michael O., Piano Movers and The Reds, Pinks and Purples.  I’m really attached to the track they’ve shared from the latter, and I hope giving it a listen will get you excited for this release too.

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New Music from Michael O (of Mantles fame)

michaelo Clearly I love what the Mantles have accomplished.  They’ve got these concise little pop songs, with just a hint of that old school jangle, so it makes sense that when I heard about Michael Olivares releasing his own Face the Facts EP that I had to hip you to it.   It’s a different side to Michael than his main project, with a much simpler approach to writing pop songs; this tune below is mostly a strummed guitar with a little key treatment thrown in for good measure.  You can pick up the very limited 7″ from Fruits and Flowers, if you’re so inclined; the B Side has a Scorpions cover!