Pale Blue Eyes Share Spaces

Totnes, UK based Pale Blue Eyes really hit a chord with me over the last year with a string of singles showcasing a band who really know what it means to be indie pop. As if all the other tunes I’ve shared weren’t enough reason to love this band, here is yet another gem from them with this indie pop banger called “Spaces.” For this band, it just almost seems effortless at this point for them to pump out this poppy, twee hits and I am here for it.

This track is part of the band’s new album entitled This House which is due out September 1st via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are live now.

Pale Blue Eyes Drop New Single

Way back in August, a band called Pale Blue Eyes from the UK caught my ear with a refreshing and engaging song called “Little Gem”. Since that release and an album drop in September, the band has already shared news of yet another album coming later this summer. Prior to the album release date, the band is once again getting my hype train going with this new single “Takes Me Over.” Once again, I am really drawn into that driving bass mixed with the slightest hints of shoegazy, dream pop vibes. Lovely piece.

Pale Blue Eyes new album This House is up for pre-order now and hits the streets on September 1st via Full Time Hobby.

The Saxophones Share Boy Crazy

The wife and husband duo The Saxophones have long been a group we’ve championed and thrown praise at over the years of our ‘lil website. Well after a short three or so year hiatus, the duo are returning this year with a new album entitled To Be a Cloud due out June 2nd on Full Time Hobby. Prior to that release date, we are incredibly excited to share with you this brand new, stunning single “Boy Crazy.” It’s light and dreamy, yet impactful and enchanting with heavy floor drums and an almost jazz inspiration. Lovely.

Pre-orders for To Be a Cloud are live now.

Psychy Tune From Ghost Woman

Though Evan Uschenko just released a self-titled debut this summer under his recording moniker Ghost Woman this summer, the busy songwriting doesn’t plan to slow down and take it easy. Instead, he already has 11 new tunes ready for release on a new album with this new single “Broke” acting as the lead announcement track. It’s a groovy, psych inspired number with a chill overall feeling and mellow yet grainy vibes. Accompanying video features one crazy ass Muppet looking character getting into all sorts of nonsense (video is age-restricted so you’ll have to click out to watch).

Ghost Woman’s new album Anne, If will be out in January via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are already live.

Bright Indie Pop From Pale Blue Eyes

If you’re out there looking for some bright indie pop tunes in your life, look no further than this gem called “Little Gem” from Totnes based outfit Pale Blue Eyes. The song is filling this void in an indie pop genre that has become ever diluted with artists looking to become pop stars and fill arenas. On the flip side of that, “Little Gem” offers this very playful and engaging sound with a great driving beat powering the track and never letting up for 3 minutes. Think The Drums pop stylings married with Wavves driving beats.

Pale Blue Eyes will release new album Souvenirs on September 2nd via Full Time Hobby. Pre-orders are live now.

Ghost Woman Shares Clockwork Video

If you’re looking for a slow-burning psychedelic Americana stomp, then check out this new video from Ghost Woman. Even the visuals going throughout seduce you with this nod to the hazy deserts of Western United States; the tune drips with this dense weight that beckons full immersion. If you listen closely, you’ll find this seductive little melody right at the 1:09 mark, and it’s super brief, but just the slightest tonal change that completely sucked me into the tune. If you’re willing to get lost with seductive melodies and heavy psychedelic fog, then be sure you get your wallet ready to grab the self-titled LP from Ghost Woman,out June 15th via Full Time Hobby.

Bananagun Announce The True Story of Bananagun

After their well-received “Out of Reach” single back in February, it seems that Melbourne bunch Bananagun are finally ready to release their debut LP. For me, the group uses lots of little odds and ends, sort of a hodgepodge of the last 50 or so years of pop music. Smooth melodies, rhythmic beats, horn blasts…you name it, it’s all in their latest single, stretching to over six minutes of groovy pop music. It’s rather refreshing to see a group forging their own sound, so I can’t wait to hear what comes when The True Story of Bananagun hits the streets; it’s being released by Full Time Hobby on June 26th.

The Saxophones Announce Eternity Bay

The wife and husband duo, The Saxophones, have just announced their brand new album, Eternity Bay, and with it comes this lyric video for the first single. As Austin flirts with Fall/Winter, it seems the perfect musical piece; it’s careful and thoughtful, with all the accents fit into the song perfectly. Initially constructed as a duet, Alexi ends up taking all the vocal roles, with his wife Alison adding backing vocals; the decision does make the track seem more delicate and fragile, which perhaps ties into the thematic element presented in the lyrical content. A soft start to hump day, and a strong start to the album cycle; Eternity Bay will be out on February 14th via Full Time Hobby.


Ohtis Share Pervert Blood

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve really dug deep on a folk ballad, but this track from Ohtis is pretty powerful, both musically and lyrically. The song seems to come from Sam’s experience with drug use and trying to explain a reason why we’re all here, or why some of us survive and some of us don’t. As for the track, it’s real bare-bones, and in fact, Sam recorded the vocals on a handheld recorder before having the band flesh it all out in the studio. Curve of Earth will be out on March 29th via Full Time Hobby.

Ohtis Announce Debut LP

Admittedly, I’m drawn to a distinctive voice and Sam Swinson of Ohtis definitely fits that bill. Still, the band’s latest single wouldn’t be successful if there instrumentation weren’t working in their favor as well. I love the slide guitar and the light strumming that’s in the very front of the mix; it works well with the seemingly tribal percussive elements. Lyrically, it’s a touchy subject, with Swinson commenting on his own travails during a seemingly low point during his life. But, perhaps we’re all the better for it, as it serves as the foundation for a wonderful song. The group will release Curve on Earth on March 29th via Full Time Hobby.

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