New Tune from Christian Fitness

christianfitnessChristian Fitness is back again with the third single from the Future of Left/McClusky side-project. There’s a driving force in the guitar/percussion work, but I think you’ll find the song taking on new attitude. Vocals for the verses are delivered in a spoken fashion, and the chorus hints at Bowie-esque pop appreciation. For a band and songwriter that’s known for hitting you hard, this song shows an interesting bit of accessibility; I think even a music passerby will find something to appreciate in this number. The promising new record will be out soon, so stay tuned to these pages!

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Brand New Christian Fitness

christianfitnessI’ve always had myself a musical crush on Andrew Falkous, of McClusky/Future of the Left fame, so of course I’m getting behind Christian Fitness…his solo work. Don’t expect it to always fit into the realm, though there are some similarities. This particular single has a bit of propulsive rhythm pushing forward, and it doesn’t even get noisy until just before the 2 minute mark. If you’re into rock n’ roll, and the half-life of a sperm, then enjoy this jam while he works on wrapping up is third record on under the moniker.

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Rock Out with Christian Fitness

christianChristian Fitness is the new project of Andrew from Future of Left, so you’ll likely recognize the sound of the act.  The guitar work and the vocal delivery are quite similar, which means you’ll also hear similarities to McClusky…all these are good things I promise.  The title of the work is I’m Scared of Everything That Isn’t Me; you’ll love the weaving in and out of those jagged guitar lines and loose bouncing drum beats.  Andy’s releasing it on his own Prescriptions Music label, and it’s slated for a release in the next few weeks.

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2009 Top 50 Albums


Creating a Top 50 Albums list is never easy.  You have to battle with what you think the world believes, and what you truly believe in your heart, to be solid jams.  We have even more trouble because we have to three writers, all who have different ideas, and we have to make those ideas fit into a neat box.  Well, we got it done, and honestly, our criteria was based on two things: how great we thought the album was, artistically speaking, and how long we listened to it without getting bored.  That’s it. It’s fool proof; you might not like it, but it’s our list, so here it is… Read more

New Tunes from Future of the Left

future-of-the-leftDo you need a little morning pick me up? Check out the new tune from Future of the Left, the UK band that formed out of the ashes of Mclusky. This new single, off their forthcoming album for 4AD Records, is sure to kick start your day, and have you looking forward to the release of their new album.


Download: Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea [MP3]