Last Week’s Jams (5.20 – 5.24)

Sorry for being absent, but gotta take a day off when the government allows. Looking back at last week, we covered a ton of stuff, and I couldn’t even post it all, as there’s a few tracks missing from DSPs like the new Dennis Callaci/Heimito Kunst collaboration. But, my new flavor of the year, My Best Unbeaten Brother returned with a new tune, as did Oh Boland, so all sorts of really sweet pop made its way in here. Stoked to see there’s another Nightshift album coming out from Trouble In Mind later this year, thus you’ll hear that early in the mix. Somehow ended up with several great tunes stretching over 5 minutes, so if you’ve got time, be sure to not skip ahead! Bunch of tunes from your favorite ADHD curator! Also, if you’re on the site, be sure to check our friend Michael Maly’s photos from the recent Idles set here in town!

Future Star Releases My Bright Fantasy Single

In lieu of a million tunes coming out this week (most likely), I wanted to take a brief moment to celebrate another Future Star single. This tune works itself playfully over a light rhythmic trot that works just beneath the front of the mix, letting the vocals take the show on the road. For their part, the lyrics and vocals take on a playful nature, something almost child-like and innocent; it could easily be seen as something a more light-hearted Stephin Merritt might craft for fun. Thematically, the song “is about the difference between bravery and foolishness,” with the listener walking away (hopefully) with the knowledge that whatever you’re doing, it does matter. It’s About Time hits on July 5th via Mint Records.

Last Week’s Jams (4.22 – 4.26)

It’s been a strange few weeks if I’m looking at the numbers on our Last Week’s Jams; we’ve run 28 songs for the last three weeks, compiling a fun playlist that runs at 1.5 hours. Well, whatever, time’s on your side my friends. We were fortunate to premiere a couple of stellar tunes this week from the Ar-Kaics and Noelle and Deserters; one offers a crackling fire of psychedelia while the other is a bit more old school western vibes. And, there was the joyous return of Bad Moves! Of course, we also filled the pages with new stuff from Lightheaded, Laughing, Luma Fade, Lunchbox and the Laughing Chimes…you know, all the big Ls! Some Austin love as always via mentions of new records from Don’t Get Lemon and Hovvdy too. Sit back and get into Monday.

Future Star Announces Debut LP for Mint Records

When listening to the first few seconds of the latest track from Future Star, you’ll likely be drawn to their powerful vocal performance. In fact, the song’s opening minute works mostly with a piano line and the vocals, leaving the track fairly open, awaiting something powerful to sweep the listener into the mix. Lo and behold, synthetic beats hold hands with the aforementioned piano line, fleshing out the tune into something beyond a mere vocal performance. Stick around until the two minute mark for the ultimate reward, as all the pieces collide into a supernova of pop that’s got the project’s new LP on our radar. It’s About Time drops on July 5th via Mint Records.

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