The Men Return with New York City

Man, this was the jam I didn’t really know I needed, but I’m so grateful there’s a rocking new tune from The Men. They’ve just announced New York City, their ninth album, and with that, seems only fitting to drop a pummeling number to remind us all what they bring when they’re at their best. With “Hard Livin,” the band are definitely channeling the musical history of their town, feeling like a revamped version of the New York Dolls, just driving out furious punk rock vibes, with just a little bit of snotiness added in. Fuzz Club will release New York City on February 3rd.

The Vacant Lots Share Thank You

The world of music is filled with juxtapositions, so when I turned on this track from the Vacant Lots, I expected the tune to really drive forward with the propulsive electronically manufactured groove. That’s the easy move, right? Instead, the group hold onto a more complex pop feel, morphing the sound into something that feels nostalgic, while simultaneously sucking you into this dance vibe. It’s the sort of late-night feel that twists and turns you about, more primal than danceable, and sometimes, your body just feels the moves and you flail about in ecstasy. You’ll find this tune on Closure, their new LP, out in September via Fuzz Club Records.

Lots To Like About This Black Lizard Single

Finnish rock band Black Lizard has long been a staple here on the pages of Austin Town Hall. It’s certainly easy to post about the group when they deliver singles like this one called “Window in Time”. The track has this great, late 60’s/early 70’s psych rock vibe complete with some impressive buildups and breakdowns in the chorus. It’s a pretty easy song to get into really. I suggest you check it out now.

Black Lizard will release new album Celebration of a New Dawn on February 23rd via Fuzz Club Records.

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