Show Preview: Luna Play Two Nights @ 3 Ten ACL (11.9 & 11.10)

It’s been a busy year for Dean Wareham, having released I Have Nothing to Say earlier this year. But, now it looks like he’s focusing on Luna, bringing Britta, Sean and Lee to Austin for a two night special over at 3 Ten ACL. The calendar has the band playing Bewitched in its entirety on one night, and Penthouse on the next, though having seen the band in the past, I’m sure they’ll have some bleed over for other tunes…or at least that’s what I’m hoping for! Plus, our friends in Caroline Says will be opening up the show, so we should be able to ease our way into the evening with some great opening vibes. You can grab yourself tickets HERE. Stream both albums below…and fingers crossed maybe this entices the band to write a new LP!

Dean Wareham Shares As Much As It Was Worth

I love the nakedness with which Dean Wareham is approaching his new record; he seems to be stripping back the magician’s curtains, and in doing so, he’s revealing this incredibly intimate world that’s been captivating me, single after single. This latest one has this emotional pull that I can’t help but to compare to some of Daniel Johnston’s best performances; it has the faintest imperfection, but softened by melody, completely transfixes the listener every step of the way. Every musical note just seems to delicately step around each syllable, careful not to stamp out any nuance that operates as an emotional black hole, sucking everything into the core of the song. I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA is out on October 15th via Double Feature Records.

Dean Wareham Shares Cashing In Video

I came across this Dean Wareham tune, and I knew that I’d like it, as just a general Dean fan. But, I listened, and fell too far in love with this song for my own good. This is one of those tracks that has all these fine little brush strokes that make the tune magical. Sure, you get Dean’s soothing voice, but you also get faint little string arrangements, uplifting backing vocals…and even amidst some of the more sedate moments you find a quick piano note or a lone guitar line that shimmer in this distance. It’s just magical, but also might be one of the most reflective song’s there ever was in indie rock…or is it? Dean will release I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA on October 15th via Double Feature Records.

Dean Wareham Announces I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA

It’s been a little shy of a decade since Dean Wareham released some solo material, but just as his former bandmates returned to the fold this year, so too comes Dean with today’s announcement of I Have Nothing to Say to the Mayor of LA. But, despite some great arrangements that join Dean at the 41 second mark, this song feels really stripped down, almost like early Dylan-esque. There’s definitely something cinematic, too, that creeps into this song, be it the black and white imagery, occasionally blurry here and there, or the track’s general expansive feel, like an old Western with that deep throated narrator. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the album was recorded with Jason Quever (Papercuts), who creates a lot of wonderful tunes on his own right…so I’m all in here. The LP will be out on October 15th via Double Feature Records.

New Damon & Naomi Tune

As much as I hate posting stuff that I know is all over the place, it’s always going to be hard for me to ignore something from Damon & Naomi; Galaxie 500 is somehow always on every playlist I make, or every DJ set I build in my mind. Still, as a duo, things aren’t exactly the same, though I’m still mesmerized by the tones of Damon’s voice, just like I’ve always been. Their new album A Sky Record is a collaboration with Kurihara, though this tune feels like it could also be J Spaceman, such is the pacing of the track. I love how they leave all this open space in this track, letting you have that moment of reflection as the guitar notes scuttle off into the song’s distance. The new LP will be out on August 6th. But for now, go on and get the feels.

Papercuts Cover Galaxie 500

The world is a shitshow, so what little solace I can grab I’m taking. Luckily, we can all wrap our work day with this really wonderful Galaxie 500 cover performed by Papercuts. Jason Quever is one of my favorite current artists, covering one of those older acts I still can’t get enough of as a listener. Quever recorded the video during quarantine, but it goes along with the 20 songs 2020 project, which featured other incredible acts like Stephin Merritt, Deadbeat Beat, Winter, Jeanines and so many more; you can find more about that HERE. I love how he keeps the noise in the ending, it’s like the perfect way to cap off this track. The only problem is where do I go from here…to Galaxie 500 or Papercuts? For now, you can have both below!

The Sour Notes Share New Single

The Sour Notes, always adventurous, have decided they’re going to release their new album one 7″ at a time, and today we’ve got the latest single from the series for you to enjoy. This one should come as no surprise if you listened to their ambitious collection This Is Not Our Music; I mean, if you don’t hear Galaxie 500 in here, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I love the softness of Jared’s voice on this, matched up against the heavy riffs that sort of billow in and out of the mix. It’s the sort of slow churning pop music you wish they had at your middle school dance, so you could fall in love and feel totally cool while doing it. Austin folks can get their hand on the new 7″ on June 13th at Hotel Vegas for the release show!

Striking New Song from Emily Rodgers

emilyrogersBe forewarned. Listening to this Emily Rodgers track takes some time. Not because you’ll not be immediately struck by Rodgers’ voice, but because the song sprawls over 7 minutes. In order for you to fully capture the emotion within, you’ll need to stay tuned til the end. Clearly, the voice is the star here, but I don’t think it could really shine as brightly without the various touches placed here and there; you’ll hear a slide guitar shifting towards the sunset, but a guitar with a different tone hits just after the 3.5 minute mark, building yet another layer. Oh, and Kramer (who recorded Low and Galaxie 500) did the recording of this new record, so you know it’s going to be great. The album is titled 2 years and will be released by Misra on June 10th.

Beautiful Tune from Damon & Naomi

D&NFortuneArtworkI hope the world still has love for Galaxie 500; the band seems to only find fandom in small circles these days.  Regardless, 2/3 of the act has continued as Damon & Naomi since the group’s split, and they’re readying a new release for next week, February 17th.  I’ve fallen in love with the patience of the duo’s songwriting; every harmony and melody seems so natural and honest.  On the track below, the two combine their vocals for a sincere performance based on loose guitar and tinkering keys.  Your heads not on straight? Let it continue to drift away below.  Look for Fortune next week via Ba Da Bing Records.


Download: Damon & Naomi – Time Won’t Own Me [MP3]

Welcome Back Dean Wareham

deanOkay, so Dean Wareham hasn’t totally disappeared from the musical landscape, but this new single is his first solo outing…and the first I’ve heard from him in quite a long time (aside from those Galaxie 500 re-issues). There’s just something so incredible about his voice; it’s accented by a faint female vocal on this new single.  As usual, the musical accompaniment is down-trodden, but maintains an inner beauty, especially when you listen to the tinkering piano and string work in the distance.  I think I’ll head off and listen to old G500 releases all day, while I wait for the release of Emancipated Hearts, Dean’s solo mini-LP.

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