More Great Rock n’ Roll from Fidlar

I’ve already raved about Fidlar from some time, so when this new track surfaced, I couldn’t help but fall back in love with the band.  It’s a great jam for a Friday, with garage rock jangling kicking on for the duration of the track.  It’s even a bit sloppy at parts with the vocals getting a touch scratchy.  When I came across this song it also came news that Mom and Pop had picked up the band, so we can expect a full length of rocking jams to come from the band later on in the year–at least that’s what I’m hoping for.


Download: Fidlar – Got No Money [MP3]

New Jam from Bass Drum of Death

If you hit up the Toro y Moi show earlier this month, then hopefully you got there earlier enough to catch Bass Drum of Death.  We’ve raved about the band for some time, and their live show was simply fantastic, as we’ve come to expect from the band.  They’re heading overseas to support their recent album GB City, but not before dropping a new rocker on us.  It’s a steady groove, with a catchy closing chorus, and a bit of grit–these are all good things.  So, if you haven’t gotten into these guys now; you’ve got a bit of time to make it up to yourself.


Download: Bass Drum of Death – I Dunno [MP3]

New Jam from The Sweet Ones

Sometimes you find yourself in a little bit of a rut, at least in regards to your listening patterns.  I guess lately I’ve felt like I need something to sort of kick out the jams a bit.  Lucky for me I found this rocking record from The Sweet Ones in my inbox.  Their record is titled Big Mistakes, and you can pick it up now.  It’s a solid little rocking album, filled with sing-a-long barroom brawlers in the vein of garage rock, just a bit filthier. Cleaner production just gives way to the old fashioned good times, which is perfect for your Thursday.


Download: The Sweet Ones – 2005 [MP3]

Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Jacuzzi Boys first appeared back in 2008, when they released an EP that presented their garage rock style and followed this with their debut album, No Seasons, in 2009. Now, two years later, they are back with Glazin’, their true sophomore effort, which is chock full of garage rock noises, such as buzzing guitars and wild percussion.

The first track, “Vizcaya,” is a short and sweet introduction to the bands sound. At roughly two minutes, you just get enough of Jacuzzi Boys to know where they are headed on this album. The vocals are sharp and twangy, shuffled amidst the buzz of the guitar and the furious pacing of the song.  For a song with so much crammed into it, it’s a great thing that it’s so short, because it quits itself before the song becomes overwhelming. Such is not the case for third, and title track, “Glazin.’” Even upon first listen, you can feel the repetition of at the end, which is definitely a sign that it has gone on for too long, and it’s easy to seek it out on repeated listens.

This is a bit of the precursor for the rest of Glazin’ in its entirety. There are some songs that really standout as the album comes to its close, but the majority of the tracks in the middle all sort of mesh together into a big ball of garage rock, which by no means is a bad thing, but it isn’t an album made for active listening. The songs are short enough that they jump quickly from one to the other, but this also makes it difficult to discern the differences between songs; those little nuances that are supposed to come with variation. The result is that the repeated sound fails to hold the attention of its listeners, but if there’s one thing I could advise you, it’s to stick around for the end, in which Jacuzzi Boys bring back the variety.

The last two songs, “Los Angeles” and “Koo Koo With You,” both showcase the best of the garage rock sound as well as a different side of the band. The second to last track is one of the most intriguing all out jams on the album. You have the trademark sound, but some gang vocals jump in and will have you grooving along. Then Jacuzzi Boys switch things up at the end, with the catchy last, and acoustic-y, number. Gone are the buzzy guitars, for the most part, and present is a softer touch to this album, which, albeit, might have been better placed somewhere in the midst of the rock as opposed to at the end.

If you’re a hardcore lover of garage rock in any form, then Glazin’ should be a real treat for you. If not, then you should be able to find some tracks that may tempt your fancy on this casual effort.

More New Music from King Louie

If you haven’t heard, King Louie’s Missing Monuments just released their latest album, Painted White.  Pressing hard to get some much deserved love, the band has released another single for the masses, “It’s Like XTC.”  No, it doesn’t sound like XTC, but it does sound like a rocking good time being had by a bunch of friends at a local bar.  It’s not super polished, which gives credibility to King Louie’s garage sound.  Energetic tracks are supposed to be fun, and the country tinged stomper definitely will give you that. Add it to your playlist, and have a blast.  Don’t forget to pick up Painted White while you’re at it.


Download: King Louie’s Missing Monuments – (It’s Like) XTC [MP3]

New Music from Teens

What’s the best new music your $3 can buy?  In my opinion, it’s gotta be the new self-titled record from Teens.  It’s the perfect short little release for summertime, filled with bits of garage rock, hints of psychedelia, and perhaps a hint of classic surf twang.  The vocals are a bit gritty, but you can’t deny the passionate approach of these guys.  Each song breezes in, making you shuffle your feet just a bit, then goes off into the next song before you’ve had a chance to sit down and breathe. If you want to have a wet n’ will summer filled with hooks and debauchery, I suggest you choose the Teens to be the soundtrack.


Download: Teens – O’Lay [MP3]

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