Show Preview: Mynabirds @ Mohawk (7/28)

Date Saturday, July 28th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900 pm
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

Tons of great acts are playing in town on Saturday night, but here’s where we have our eyes set.  Mynabirds sweep into town fresh off the release of their sophomore record, Generals; it’s been called enchanting, but most of all, it’s been called good. Personally, I’m stoked to see Deep Time, a band that really deserves some Austin love, seeing as they’re from our hometown.  They just put out their latest, Deep Time, on Hardly Art, and it grows on my the more I listen to it.  But, be sure to get there early because another great Austin act, My Jerusalem will be opening the night up.  And I’ll be honest, if you live in Austin and aren’t at a show on Saturday night, give yourself an F. Unless you have kids. Then a D since I gave you at least a day’s notice to get a sitter.


Download:Deep Time – Homebody [MP3]


Loud New Track from Mynabirds

Well, this track isn’t precisely a loud rocker, but it’s loud in the sense that the Mynabirds, and main songwriter Laura Burhenn, came across a lot quieter on their first effort.  Now the group is back with Generals, again produced by the excellent Richard Swift; you can get your hands on the ablum on June 5th via Saddle Creek Records.  According to our sources, the record revolves around the concept of political protests, which isn’t surprising considering she used to work with John Davis of DC’s Q and Not U.  Several listens in, and this feels a little bit like a political bent on the Kills–not a bad thing.  Give this one a taste, and be sure to check the group out at SXSW.


Download: The Mynabirds – Generals