Time Stalkers Release Isabelle Video

Not everyone works on the same album cycle, especially if you’re a 9 piece group like Time Stalkers. This last week, a video emerged for their slow-churning pop ballad “Isabelle;” you might recognize the tune from their 2020 self-titled LP, thus giving me another chance to celebrate the band’s work. The track’s sells a pretty heart-wrenching vibe, pulling at you as the guitars bend and the strings sink you…thus the video needs the same sentiment. So, we’re presented with the story of a bird who has just been dumped, thus turning to the Time Stalkers LP for consoling; it’s a charming presentation of heartbreak, if that exists. You can still find a copy of the band’s album on cassette over at Gentle Reminder Records.

Late to the Game: Climax Landers

The good people over at Gentle Reminder Records sent a note about the forthcoming Climax Landers a few weeks back, and I’m just not really sitting down to absorb it, as I’ve been a fan of all the label’s picks. For me, these are sort of country-tinged rock bangers, akin to something like Nana Grizol or the Glands; it feels very much like a move from college rock vibes into something closer to Americana. You’ll also find some literary value in the lyrical work, and a a fan of clever wordplay, I’m definitely here for that side. If, like me, you’re on board, look for their new LP, Zenith No Effects on May 10th.

Nate Dionne Drops Drawn On Single

Longtime Philly (thought currently in Connecticut) musician Nate Dionne is definitely making bold steps with his forthcoming Fantasy LP, and this new track finds him sort of all over the place in the best way. I feel like this ballad strum that opens the tune set me up perfectly, stretching the tune before fuzzed out riffs jump into the picture and everything gets instantly more full in the speakers. That heavy vibe constantly is fighting with the melodic nature that Dionne creates; the song’s latter half takes that and pushes it even further with a whole of musicianship flexing. Fantasy will be released on July 25th via Gentle Reminder Records.

Nate Dionne Announces Fantasy EP; Shares In Blood

This Nate Dionne tune is definitely a great way to kick off a Friday, if we might. The song’s got this old-school punk swagger to it, though there’s this modern rambunctiousness to the songwriting that brings a whole new life to the track. The gang vocals in the background seem to add this almost live nature to it, creating this atmosphere of joyousness and punk house frivolity. Still, there’s also this melodic bit, and I’m probably way off base here, but I keep hearing like a mix of Billy Idol meets “Head On” by the JaMC, so there’s also this sort of nod to everything before, while still keeping it punk. Fantasy will be out on Jul 25th via Gentle Reminder and Home Late.

Tin-ear Share Fling Straw Man

Tin-ear is a band we’ve consistently been raving about for the last month or so; they’ve got one last single to share with us before we get to hear the entirety of Cadastral Maps. I just love how it feels cacophonous from the get-go, swirling noise just ringing in my ears, though not in an abrasive fashion. There’s actually something soothing in the vocal work, a calm in the middle of this great musical storm, perhaps signaling the band’s allegiance to a mixture of twee and avant-emo. Please stick around to the very end of it all, as a glorious burst of emphatic joy awaits you. Cadastral Maps is out on Friday via Gentle Reminder Records.

Tin-ear Share Dress Up With Me

Last week we brought you a rad single from Tin-ear, excited by the sounds coming from my speakers. Today, well, I’m even more convinced of the band’s brilliance as we get another single to taste. This one hits immediately, emphatically bursting from the get-go; I liken the vocal barrage to this middle ground between old Rainer Maria and Joanna Gruesome, not quite shouting, but sure to let you know. Musically, its this rise and fall of rolling indie rock, and you can feel the power pouring through the amps; you can tell this band would be dangerously good live. Thus, turn it up below, and be sure to grab Cadastral Maps, out on September 9th via Gentle Reminder.

Tin-ear Prep Cadastral Maps

At the moment, I can’t stop playing this new jam from Tin-ear. Out of nowhere, the band rush into the fray, elbowing their way with these vibrant vocal hooks that sink into your skin immediately. Suddenly, the band break it down, almost cutting the breakneck pace in half; it’s like they’ve expended so much energy in the song’s opening half, they just couldn’t keep it up, but in seeing the song’s finish line, the punch it up one last time, letting out one last emphatic breath before the song closes. If you’re digging, the band will be releasing their mini-LP, Cadastral Maps, on September 9th via Gentle Reminder Records.

Repo Fam Announce New 7″ EP

Repo Fam will be dropping a new 7″ EP next week, so we wanted to whet your appetite with just a few quick little ditties that might capture your attention. For starters, the two tracks couldn’t be more juxtaposed, illustrating the diverse brand of rock n’ roll the group bring to the table. On “Psycho Bombs” you get more of that anti-pop meets garage rock, utilizing slowed jagged guitars and steady drumming bombast. But, “Whipped Cream” flips things over and gives you this scuzzy noise fest, though the band still manage to capture some of hint of melodic format as they push forth. Both these jams appear on the Whipped Cream 7″ EP, out next week via our friends in Gentle Reminder Records.

Time Stalkers Share Plastic Flowers

How does one take a 9 piece ensemble and turn it into a rock band? Well, perhaps you should ask the members of Time Stalkers, as they seem to be doing a pretty good job as you can hear with their latest single. The song owns a distinctive place in my brain, like a cross between power-pop and Tilly & the Wall; they definitely are using everything at their disposal to craft their tunes; I can hear bells, strings, horns and multiple guitars. I think my favorite thing, however, is just how organic the whole tune feels due to the mixing; it just feels like the magic was all captured on tape just for us. The band’s self-titled album will be out on June 5th courtesy of Gentle Reminder Records.

Brand New Track from Romantic States

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m super high up on my love for Romantic States, and now with the title track from the group’s forthcoming Ballerina LP, I’m just going all in. For me, this track’s all about Ilenia’s performance; she seems so calm, yet so expressive in the slightest ways…like syllables with emphatic punch or dropping off at the last second. Behind her is the steadying rhythm section and the slightly jangling guitar chords; it’s like they’ve sponsored an indiepop seance and decided to write the whole score; you’re captivated with no room to escape, luckily. Their new LP will be out on November 6th via Gentle Reminder Records.

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