ATX Spotlight: Check the New Gentlemen Rogues Single

gnrMan. I’m really excited for this Gentlemen Rogues EP to come our way.  I’ve always felt that the band were one of the many under-appreciated gems rocking out in Austin.  Perhaps their pop-centric sound is hard to typify, so you can’t really lump them into an ordinary Austin trope.  They’ve always had a punk edge, though it’s rather clean in this new single, save for a few guttural turns on the vocals. Really, it’s just a great pop song, and you know how I love those ones.  Look for their EP, A History So Repeating on April 7th via End Sounds.

Show Preview: Tiger Waves @ Frank (1/19)

Date Thursday, Jan 19th
Location Frank
Doors 930 pm
Tickets $6 @ the Door

There are clearly some great bands playing at Frank on Thursday night, such as Gentleman Rogues and Milk Thistle, but the band I’m most excited to see is Tiger Waves.  I’ve raved about them here for the past couple of months, and they’ve been generous enough to share some of their tunes with us; however, I’ve yet to actually catch them in the live setting.  They’ve got this old fashioined pop sound, seemingly crafted with great care, and if they can capture every bit of their recorded sound live, then I’ll probably return to rave about them again on Friday.  I know there are other shows about town, but this seems like the best place to be Thursday.


Download: Tiger Waves – From The Start [MP3]