Genuine Leather Share Three Chord Song

Austin act Genuine Leather always seem to have something up their sleeve, and this week’s no difference as they’ve just shared a brand new track from their forthcoming EP. At the moment, the band seems super-intent upon just rocking anthemic pop songs. I can hear little hints of Elvis Costello curl in the vocals delivered, while also hearing a nod to power-pop heroes across the board. It’s infectious and hits hard, especially if you’re willing to let your speakers hit full blast. You’ve got appreciate the band’s push to craft a pop song within the confines of 3 chords…and pull it off no less. Their EP is slated for release later this year, but you can catch the band at Mohawk tomorrow night (9/21) with Blood, Nick Adamo, Reen & the Renegades.

Genuine Leather Drop New Single + Release Show

We’ve long been behind Austin act Genuine Leather, but the group has been fairly quiet since the release of Brunch in 2016. But, today they return with a brand new single and celebratory show at Cheer Up Charlies. The new song has a horror-themed video to accompany it, with just a bit of fun added in to match the song’s pop desires. Just sit back and let those crunchy guitars burst through your speakers, wait for the vocal hooks to wash over you, then rinse and repeat. The band celebrate the new single with a great line-up at Cheer Up Charlies featuring Shivery Shakes, Pollen Rx and Robby; the band will have some old school TVs up to, streaming the new video with headphone sets attached for your listening pleasure.

The Grapes and Friends Release Christmas Crush

christmasEach year the guys from Gorgeous Hands, Dangeresque, Genuine Leather and more gather as Grapes & Friends to throw a huge holiday extravaganza over at Hole in the Wall. This year, we get the extra treat of a rad rock n’ roll single to boot! This track holds onto the a catch R&B vibe, while still bringing a solid punch. Basically this track employs members doing what they do best, write great tracks and throw great parties! The celebration kicks off this Saturday at 8 PM over at Hole in the Wall, with TOMA opening the night up. Find out more about the event right HERE, and jam the track below.

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ATX Premiere: Here’s the Next Installment from Genuine Leather

genuineleatherEvery Friday since July we’ve been treated to brand new tunes from Genuine Leather…a new single for every week until you’ve heard them all! I love this one, as I think it shows the diversity of the project. They’ve dabbled in indie rock realms, but this one seems more like a pop influenced bit…filled with bubbling grooves while guitar strumming works just beneath the mix; it goes without saying, but the sonic palette has definitely been broadened on this number. Sounds like just another hit from the band’s next record, Brunch, which will be released with a celebratory showthat’s in the works.

ATX Spotlight: Genuine Leather Return

genuineleatherBands come and go in Austin, but you can stay around as long as you’re out there working hard, and often, playing your own game. This is much the case with Genuine Leather, who are set to release their 3rd LP this year; we’ve covered several of their earlier releases, so there’s no reason not to spread news on this one, especially considering the interesting fashion in which they’re choosing to release this one…a song a week for 16 weeks. This one channels a bit of Austinites Spoon, though with a bit more funk in it. I look forward to seeing where these guys go as they move forward towards the release of Brunch.

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New Music from Genuine Leather

10943651_572676999535156_7817247364964429525_nWe’ve covered Genuine Leather for some time, but I think that this might be one of the best songs to come from the outfit, if not one of the better tracks that’s come out of Austin this year. It’s got an attitude in the recording like there’s not a care in the world, like all that matters is the song and the melody. As soon as I played it, I put it back on repeat almost immediately…I’m thinking you’ll probably do the same. This is a follow up to the equally enjoyable Jeff Jazz EP that came out earlier this year. I’m hoping this isn’t a sporadic blast of tunes, as these are the sort that stick around.

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Adam J. Cook Preps Debut Solo Effort


Those of you who’ve followed our site might recognize the songwriting chops of Adam J. Cook, as he was formerly a member of Austin’s Genuine Leather. But, he’s currently bucked the trend and moved the other way, heading out to LA to craft his debut, Attack Formation. His lead single takes on the style of casual pop, just working on perfecting the internal hooks of the song, while throwing out a relaxed pace and repeated lyrical lines. It’s the sort of tune you’ll play at work today, and the guy in the cubicle next to you will pop his head over and ask you who you’re listening to…so go ahead, listen.

Austin Spotlight: New Single from Genuine Leather

genwineThe last we heard from Genuine Leather was the group’s second album, Losers, but they’re back today with a crisp bit of guitar pop to help make your day.  If, like me, you love a good bit of guitar work, then this is going to be the perfect song for you.  They’re definitely  nostalgically leaning riffs, with a bit of crunch working to aid the hook in the vocal chorus.  There’s no word yet as to whether this single is a one-off or if it’s prepping for the group’s next release…expect us to keep you updated on that front in the near future.

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The Weekend Update: ATX Show Previews

austiniloveyouWell, we’re rolling into the dreaded holiday weekend that haunts a lot of people, but what better way to spend your Valentines Day by watching a great show, either with your loved one, or finding one.  There’s tons going on this weekend, so I wanted to spotlight a few shows you should look into.  Dinner and flowers are dumb; rock n’ roll is the way to go. Read more to find out where you should be.

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