Genuine Leather Share Genuine Love

For almost ten years we’ve been throwing support by the shapeshifting styles of Chris Galis and Genuine Leather. While the early work of the band had Chris working with friends from the Austin scene, his later work reflects a bit more of a pop focus. Still, he’s always known his way around a huge hook, and that won’t change when he releases the Genuine Pleasure EP. I love the way this one slides in instantly, filling your ears with this sleek synthetic dreaminess; it puts the song in the current bedroom pop mold, only with a bit more bravado. Digging into the chorus, you can hear a bit of a funky R&B guitar slide, adding texture and style to the tune, clearly an indicator of how much time and dedication Galis put into his work for the LP. Think of acts like Tame Impala or Phoenix, sprinkling in just a bit more modern pop attitude. Genuine Pleasure is going to please a lot of ears on September 29th via The Animal Farm.

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