The Wedding Re-Record George Best with Steve Albini

Felt like George Best is a long lost gem, and while they toured this album, they didn’t bring it to Austin (sad face); it would have been a delight to hear The Wedding Present play George Best in its entirety. And now we have news that Steve Albini has re-recorded the band’s heralded album as the record turns 30. The band, who were already working with Steve, recorded the whole thing live in the studio, and you can sample the reworking below. Look for the GB30 to be released via HHBTM on September 22nd. Also…on a side note, you should watch the George Best documentary.

Consumerism Track of the Day: The Wedding Present – What Have I Said Now

bizarroOkay, so I’m starting off a new feature that will appear from time to time on our pages.  It’s geared around two ideas that were spawned while exhausting myself catching as many bands as possible at SXSW: the idea of running a music web site and owning tons of music.  Sure, not all of you are inundated with tons of music like I am, but in this day and age, everyone has growing catalogues of singles and albums; it’s part of living in a consumerist society.  I wanted to force myself to revisit my own history, musically, by randomly going through my iTunes.  Read on for more details about the process of selection, and see how you can participate. Read more