True Blue Share On Track

When you hear those sharp guitar notes here, you’re going to immediately know how it hooked me, but I want you to dig a bit deeper into this tune from Germany’s True Blue. Sure, the dreamier pop element that’s in fashion is constantly bubbling to the surface, yet the vocals kind of have this more nostalgic pop nod; it feels like something that would have come out in the early 80s underground, expressing this earnestness and cool you can’t really grasp unless you’re indulging with your headphones on tight. It’s a fairly new project on our radar, so I’m hoping we get to hear a bit more over here soon!

Roller Derby Share Starry Eyed Single

When browsing through the SXSW list, I always go after the foreign bands coming overseas, as they don’t always get a chance to return. Checking that list, that’s how I was reintroduced to Germany’s Roller Derby, offering this buoyant dream pop, pulsing from beneath the song’s surface. Phline Meyer’s vocals have this sort of sparkling indifference, or perhaps that calmed cool that makes you want to know all her secrets; it adds a nice layer to the tune as the single dances around with jittering guitar notes. And, if you’re looking to be charmed, then don’t shy away from the beautiful chorus the band bring forth in this track. Definitely a rad band to keep in mind!

Stream Crabber’s Latest LP, Who Let the Ducks Out

We’ve covered German outfit Crabber since their first LP a few years back, and, well, I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t encourage you to take a peak at Who Let the Ducks Out, the band’s latest LP. This go round, you can start with a little nod towards the crisp jangling pop of the Lucksmiths on opener “Climb Into My Mind,” and its a sound that pops up throughout the whole of the LP. But, you also get a bit of a heavier edge, a la early Boyracer, albeit with a push towards the more melodic; you can just listen to “A Kind of Tragic,” to get where I’m coming from here. Each time I listen, a new reminder pops up, so let me sum it all up for you. This new record is specifically for those who love Field Mice, Lucksmiths, Buzzcocks and Boyracer…then all the various bus stops in between. Seriously, just stream this album; its available via Jigsaw Records!

Royal Target Shares Suddenly Single

I feel like this track from Royal Target just made my Monday all come together; it’s the perfect brand of bouncing post-punk, the sort that New Order made around the Republic area. But, I’ll be honest, I spent all morning listening to this on headphones, which is where these little details begin to reveal themselves, giving the song its own personality, beyond just a mirror of influences. Whether its the little “la la la” from the backing vocals or the way you can hear this faint little strum in the distance. This just feels likes that comforting piece of cake we’re all craving as we try to make our way into the world today. Good luck friends.

Crabber Share Katherine/Waves

This November, all those folks that pine for Sarah Records 7″ on Discogs (like myself) will certainly find themselves being absolutely charmed by the sophomore album from Germany’s Crabber. Honestly, listening through this new single, one thing sticks out in my mind; the song sounds a lot like Comet Gain, except its just a pure pop version there, getting rid of some of the lo-fi effects in order to bring out more from the melody in these lines. I’m not sure how someone doesn’t listen to the soft crystalline guitars and just fall to pieces at how glorious they sound dancing down your ear canal. Their album drops via Jigsaw in November!

Quitt Share Partys Single

Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure what the lyrical content (it’s in German!) of the latest tune from Quitt is, but I’ve really enjoyed the band’s sound, and sometimes that’s all you really need, right? They’ve got this sound that’s part Discord/part Obits; I think if they upped the pace and let things go, it’d be all over that Obits/Hot Snakes territory. Sharp edges, propulsive rhythm and that scratchy bit of vocals barking from the stage all make for the perfect sound, at least if you’re asking this fella here. You can find this track on the German band’s new Dumm und Extrovertiert EP!

Crabber Return with A Kind of Tragic

I was a big fan of Bluesbuster, the 2018 LP from German outfit Crabber, so if you’re digging on this, feel free to check that out as well. But, this tune is brand new, the lead single off a forthcoming LP that’s slated for release later this year. My ears hear a middle ground somewhere between Boyracer and Teenage Fanclub; its got that rambunctious attitude to it, though its naturally wrapped around the central coil of pop sensibility. This is the sort of timeless pop rock that curls my toes…nice melody, solid pace and a big little hook just waiting for you in the chorus. Stay tuned for more news on the new LP!

New Music from Lydia Daher & Ubertrager

The last few years have shown us that one of the great indie powerhouses in the world is Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; the label has released great hits, most recently with the Love, Burns single I’ve raved about on these very pages. Today, in my hopes to anger all Anglophiles, I bring you the label’s latest, Lydia Daher & Ubertrager. Lydia is a well-known lyricist/artist, so she’s joined up with Ubertrager to complete a mini album titled Penetrante Realitat. Aside from the imagery on this tune, the musical element is pretty captivating throughout this title track; its subtle and relaxed, combining little elements of European indiepop with atmospherics flourishes that build this elegant texture. The full release makes its way into your hands this Friday!

One Minus One Share Lindenthal

When listening through this new single from Germany’s One Minus One, I’m immediately reminded of the Black Watch. Somewhere in here, there’s flirting with that upbeat jangle of indiepop, though things get pulled back into that sort of dreamy trajectory, highlighted by a sort of heavy melodic vocal. This is that brand of pop that sort of encapsulates that wistful longing, that search for something beyond, so I’m grateful that we can start out our musical day with you and this tune. If you like what you hear, this track will appear on the self-titled album that drops on November 6th.

New Jangling Pop Tune from Royal Target

You don’t have do too much to get my ears to perk up, and this new single from Royal Target just jumped right in from the get go, tossing out that j-angular little guitar noodle before the song settled into its melody. Gentle little pop hooks dig into your ears and hold tight with the slightly affected vocal warmth; I think a real highlight comes in right near the 2 minute mark when you get the slightest little tonal shift. That helps switch the song’s mood more towards one of longing, kind of that wistful dream of what’s next…which I’m sure we can all relate to these days.

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