Quitt Share Partys Single

Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure what the lyrical content (it’s in German!) of the latest tune from Quitt is, but I’ve really enjoyed the band’s sound, and sometimes that’s all you really need, right? They’ve got this sound that’s part Discord/part Obits; I think if they upped the pace and let things go, it’d be all over that Obits/Hot Snakes territory. Sharp edges, propulsive rhythm and that scratchy bit of vocals barking from the stage all make for the perfect sound, at least if you’re asking this fella here. You can find this track on the German band’s new Dumm und Extrovertiert EP!

Crabber Return with A Kind of Tragic

I was a big fan of Bluesbuster, the 2018 LP from German outfit Crabber, so if you’re digging on this, feel free to check that out as well. But, this tune is brand new, the lead single off a forthcoming LP that’s slated for release later this year. My ears hear a middle ground somewhere between Boyracer and Teenage Fanclub; its got that rambunctious attitude to it, though its naturally wrapped around the central coil of pop sensibility. This is the sort of timeless pop rock that curls my toes…nice melody, solid pace and a big little hook just waiting for you in the chorus. Stay tuned for more news on the new LP!

New Music from Lydia Daher & Ubertrager

The last few years have shown us that one of the great indie powerhouses in the world is Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; the label has released great hits, most recently with the Love, Burns single I’ve raved about on these very pages. Today, in my hopes to anger all Anglophiles, I bring you the label’s latest, Lydia Daher & Ubertrager. Lydia is a well-known lyricist/artist, so she’s joined up with Ubertrager to complete a mini album titled Penetrante Realitat. Aside from the imagery on this tune, the musical element is pretty captivating throughout this title track; its subtle and relaxed, combining little elements of European indiepop with atmospherics flourishes that build this elegant texture. The full release makes its way into your hands this Friday!

One Minus One Share Lindenthal

When listening through this new single from Germany’s One Minus One, I’m immediately reminded of the Black Watch. Somewhere in here, there’s flirting with that upbeat jangle of indiepop, though things get pulled back into that sort of dreamy trajectory, highlighted by a sort of heavy melodic vocal. This is that brand of pop that sort of encapsulates that wistful longing, that search for something beyond, so I’m grateful that we can start out our musical day with you and this tune. If you like what you hear, this track will appear on the self-titled album that drops on November 6th.

New Jangling Pop Tune from Royal Target

You don’t have do too much to get my ears to perk up, and this new single from Royal Target just jumped right in from the get go, tossing out that j-angular little guitar noodle before the song settled into its melody. Gentle little pop hooks dig into your ears and hold tight with the slightly affected vocal warmth; I think a real highlight comes in right near the 2 minute mark when you get the slightest little tonal shift. That helps switch the song’s mood more towards one of longing, kind of that wistful dream of what’s next…which I’m sure we can all relate to these days.

Say Hello To Sigmund Fraust

On a gloomy Wednesday morning, I hope you will help me in welcoming new Berlin based artist Sigmund Fraust and his bright brand of indie rock music. Recorded at his home in Germany, one can’t help but be impressed with the production quality and overall full sound of a song like “A Verdant Fancy”. It brings to mind elements of surfy, hazy rock music similar to a band like Surf City with some shinier and brighter elements of more modern indie rock. If you’re enjoying this one, I suggest you check out more from Sigmund on his bandcamp page.

Pretty Lightning – Jangle Bowls

Rating: ★★★½☆

In these weird times we’re living in, it seems like a perfect moment to get some album reviews up since we are major slackers in that category. It makes it east to motivate for a review when a band is kind enough to go out of their way to send us a physical copy of their release. We are hoarders people! My new pals in the German based band Pretty Lightning sent me their new album Jangle Bowls and I’m going to offer my thoughts on it after the jump. Remember, that I’ve stopped traditional reviews and tend to offer a more creative take on opinion pieces.

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Fun Bit Of Pop From BUNNI

BUNNI is a lo-fi rock/pop band brought to you by the Berlin based musician Bunyamin Eroglu. He has been working hard recently to put together a 10 song album full of quirky bits of pop music infused with equal parts MGMT style synth beats and the intimate songwriting approach of Girls. A sampling of his style can be found below in the form of new single “Taste for Life”. It’s a fun and breezy song which blends those lo-fi elements beautifully with a catchy as hell beat. You’re sure to love it.

BUNNI will release new album Transit on April 23rd.

Soft Indiepop from Royal Target

Royal Target hadn’t previously been on my radar, but with this delicious new single, they’re definitely a group I need to keep an ear out for. Their latest single is the perfect subtle guitar pop gem that makes folks like me swoon; the guitars turn over and over carefully, seemingly frolicking in step with the precision drum work. An occasional blossom of distortion rings through your speakers, but you’ll still come back and marvel at the patience of the vocals that ride throughout the song. Perhaps one of my favorite things to stumble upon in the last few weeks.

Desert Souls Drop Turtle

It’s been a hot minute since I got excited about a band that brandished the sort of garage style that was popular all the rage upon its reemergence. Desert Souls, however, seem like they’re up to something great on this brand new single from the German outfit. Things seem all ramshackle and joyous from the get-go; it’s that classic train flying off the rails style we here at ATH enjoy. But, what sold me, was the hook in the chorus from the vocals. I love the way “me” gets stretched out higher, as it definitely got its hooks in me. This jam appears on the group’s mini-LP Back to the Coast, which is out next week via KUS.

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