Brand New Track from Ladada

Ladada recently announced their long awaited debut album, Heaven on the Rocks, and today we’re happy to share the album’s second single with you. Immediately you’ll hear the band’s raucous throwback sound, made fresh with subtle hooks and bubbling movement from the rhythm section. What I like a great deal, and what gets the band lumped in with new-psych is there tempo switch, changing the direction of the song, albeit for a brief moment; it is light and sunny and sets up the band’s noisy shuffle to the song’s boisterous ending. You can preorder the new LP from Gold Robot Records; it drops in October!

Morningbell Reissue Boa Noite

morningbellIn case you tragically slept on Morningbell‘s brilliant 2013 release, Boa Noite, you’re in luck…the band will reissue the album this Friday along with a bonus Gold Sounds EP of never heard before tracks. These songs encompass everything I ever wanted Arcade Fire to ever be…they’re these huge orchestrated movements, swelling with pop sensibility and dripping with soul. They’ve tossed in all their heart and soul to remaster and remix these tracks, filling in all the spaces with every tool they had; it’s like they knew exactly what you needed in your life today, so they wanted to present you with this beautiful gift. I love the way this song takes these varying excursions, capturing your ear at every slight turn, particularly the closing outro after the 3 minute mark. Grab the LP from Gold Robot Records this Friday…and relish the expansive pop that still awaits you.

New Single From Glenn Davis

GRR044_cover_small_webSome of you may recognize the name Glenn Davis as one of the founders of Columbus based indie rock band Way Yes. Well Glenn is stepping out on his own for the very first time and is sharing this new single “Be Honest” as a preview of his new material. While the sound is a bright, almost RnB style of pop, the subject matter is clearly a little bit on the heavy side. To me, the blending of the bright with the bleak creates something truly special.

Glenn Davis will release his debut LP entitled Waves & Webs on July 22nd via Gold Robot Records.

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Enjoying This Ladada Tune

GRR042_cover_small-WEBLadada is a project lead by Josiah Schlater out of Virginia Beach that caught my attention a couple of years ago. Having not heard much from the group since that time, I was excited today to receive news of an upcoming EP with a single to promote the release. The promotional single below, “Old Wave”, is short, sweet, and super easy to enjoy. Stay tuned for more.

The band will release their new EP entitledHigh Five this Friday on Gold Robot Records.

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Have Some Fun With Ladada

ladadaI have been away.  I am ready to share more music with your ever awaiting ears.  Today I’ve got this fun track called “Comets” by Virginia Beach based artist Ladada.  The track is a perfect one for summer as it has a breezy feel to it that’s sure to put a smile on your face.  Check it out while you try and stay cool.

Pick up a new self-titled EP from Ladada on August 5th via Gold Robot Records.


Download: Ladada – Comets [MP3]

Contemplative Track From Roman Ruins

IMG_3424.JPGWhile scouring the interwebs for new tunes, I just came across this interesting and beautiful track from Roman Ruins called “Loved One”.  It’s a song that starts out slow, but keep on listening, a nice and steady beat drops in to create some special moments throughout the tune.  Somehow, it keeps getting better and better with each and every listen.  Maybe you’ll find something to like as well.

Get your hands on new album Prime on July 15th via Gold Robot Records.


Download: Roman Ruins – Loved One [MP3]

Folk Tune from Dim Peaks

dimpeaksI’ve been in this huge folk/americana stretch lately, with smaller doses of the punk rock.  One of the newest tunes to catch my ear is from Dim Peaks, which has a nice dosage of the folk sound, while not going too far into the genre. I’m not sure whether the instrumentation or the vocals got to me, but regardless, I got sucked into the band.  You should check out their Time of Joy album, which just came out via Gold Robot Records; you’ll find that it fits in perfect to your cozy summertime playlists.  Have no fear, the hits are right here.


Download: Dim Peaks – Reason [MP3]

Well-Crafted Pop from Young Hunting

younghuntingIt’s that time of year, where students are going home for the summer, while the rest of us wistfully long for such days, hampered by the mundane details of every day life.  But, when pop music rears its head, we’re all on the same page, all letting our minds drift gently towards a common sentiment of peace and relaxation.  That’s just the sensation I got as I listened to the latest track from Young Hunting, who will be releasing their debut album, Hazel, via Gold Robot Records on June 11th.  Pretty sure I can’t find a thing wrong with this track.


Download: Young Hunting – Wrecking Ball [MP3]

Driftwood Pop from Young Hunting

YH_promo_webThere’s a great deal to be said for carefully crafted pop songs, especially the sort that slowly unfolds. Restraint and all that.  Such is the feeling you’ll get when you listen to the first single from the upcoming album from Young Hunting.  Their track builds towards the climax, which turns listeners on their ears during the chorus, also adding more musical accompaniment to the rest of the track from it’s first bright burst.  Each note has a purpose, allowing the band to maximize their emotional pull.  You can find the group’s new single on Hazel, their new LP being released by Gold Robot on June 4th.  Be sure to follow along carefully.


Download: Young Hunting – Baby’s First Steps [MP3]

ATH + SXSW: Father Daughter, Small Plates, & Gold Robot Showcase @ The Grackle (3/15)


You know it’s SXSW time right?  Well it is fools and ATH has gotten together with some fine folks all over the country to sponsor some incredible showcases here in Austin next week.  Today we’ll start off with a show we are helping sponsor with incredible national indie labels Father Daughter, Gold Robot, and Small Plates.  Here are some deets for what is sure to be the best day party you’ll ever hear about:

Date: Friday, March 15th

Time: Doors @ 11:30/music @ 12:15

Lineup (in order): Gems, Mutual Benefit, Body Parts, Night Panther, Monster Rally, Day Joy, Roman Ruins, Conveyor, Francisco the Man, and Levek

Location: The Grackle @ 1700 E 6th Street (MAP)

Free and open to the public for 21+ RSVP Here

Musical preview:


Download: Night Panther – Fever [MP3]


Download: GEMS – All I Ever [MP3]