New White Fence and Ty Segall LP Coming

It’s been some time since we’ve had a Ty Segall/White Fence collaboration actually hit the studio for a release, but it looks like the two friends have reunited for a new effort, Joy. Our first listen to new music gives us precisely what you’d expect from a band consisting of Ty and Tim Presley; there’s hints of glam, psych and garage…but it’s spun in this ornate manner Presley seems to have perfected with his other project Drinks. It’s like a weird journey down a kaleidoscope of influences; it sounds an awful lot like our friends in Colourmusic in their early days. Joy is being released by Drag City on July 20th.

Have You Heard Good Boy

goodboyAn earnest vocal jumps out at the beginning of this track, and that’s exactly how Good Boy caught me. Then they unfolded a bit of angular dreamy pop; it’s not filled with atmospherics, just a bit of an indifferent attitude. It should come as no surprise that the band hails from Australia, as that sounds in here, though that dream pop element creeping in is what ended up making the tune for me. The band just unleashed the Plum EP, and this hook-laden ditty is a great place for you to start your own love affair with the group.

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