Feeling Small Shares First Single

One of the great things about working on a site like this is you can do whatever you want, and I would like today to turn our attention to our friend Chase Weinacht and his new project Feeling Small. We’ve worked with Chase before, but for this project he’s amassed a rotating cast of Austin characters including members of Why Bonnie and Good Looks. Honestly, this song’s hard to distance from Chase, but I think his personality it what bleeds into his music; he’s a gentle soul a loyal friend and a supporter of all of you, even if you don’t know it yet…I think of that whenever I hear his words pop through my speakers, grateful that there’s still folks like him writing great songs with their friends. His songs are the opposite of the band’s name; they make you feel huge and part of something bigger than yourself. But, don’t take my word for it, stream the new tune below!

SXSW Interviews: Good Looks

SXSW is under way, with music pretty much in full swing now. But, we’ve got last interview to drop in your laps from our friends in Good Looks. We’ve covered several of the group’s singles from their forthcoming LP, Bummer Year, but here’s a closer look at the group, with a jam linked with our approval. Check out their SXSW dates after the interview!

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Good Looks Drop Bummer Year

Austin’s Good Looks will be releasing their debut album Bummer Year on April 8th, which surprisingly is only a month away. And today, the band shares the record’s title track, bringing out the best in Tyler Jordan’s songwriting. When it opens, I love the space the song takes, like a dark Texas night, with guitar lines sparkling like distant lights against the skyline. But, that leaves so much space in the lyrical delivery, and Jordan blows it out of the water, like old school folk troubadour; his voice sounds lonesome, like you’d expect from the song/album’s title, but it’s a fascinating performance nonetheless. Bummer Year drops via Keeled Scales.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.14 – 2.18)

What were the hot jams from last week? Well. We have them. We put them on a nice little playlist (you can complain about it later) so you could enjoy revisiting the hits. We’ve been running spotlights on SXSW artists, so you’ve got tunes from Logan Lynn, Grant Pavol and Elephant Stone, hoping it’ll catch your eye and get you to check out the interviews. Our friends in Good Looks dropped a new tune, plus we’ve got absolute rippers from Bodega and Dehd, plus some cool shit under the radar from Star Party, Salt Lake Alley, Red Pants and Howless.

Good Looks Share Vision Boards Video

Our friends in Good Looks have their debut LP dropping this April via Keeled Scales, and I’m definitely in love with their latest tune, in which singer Tyler Jordan tackles the concept of “structural limitations that make it hard to succeed in the music business.” I love the burn of the guitars on this tune, like kindling at first, sparking then launching this full fledged fire that lights up your speakers as it rocks on. Of course, Tyler’s voice is steadying things, calmly pushing the tune forward; his work near the 3 minute mark is one of my favorite moments in the song, so be sure you stick all the way to the end. Be on the lookout as the band are currently doing a quick run through the Midwest! Grab Bummer Year on April 8th.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (1.17 – 1.20)

We got some great music last week, either in single form, or in album form, so we’re grateful for last week. We collected all the jams from last week and put them on your doorstep in this light little playlist. We start off with the great new Say Eyed Beatniks tune, which incidentally is not called Hysterial Roosters, but rather “Hysterical Rooters.” Plus, our friends in Good Looks announced an LP with our other friends, Keeled Scales, so double win there. And, there’s a few jams from great records from Artsick, Good Good Blood and Jana Horn, so sit back and enjoy the day. P.S…I thought I was clever bookending it with Bay Area hits.

Good Looks Announce Bummer Year

Austin’s Good Looks has been banging about for a few years now, but they’re finally ready to drop their debut LP, Bummer Year. On this first single you get Tyler Jordan’s drawl stretching across an expanse of West Texas, vast and open, with little behind it aside from a light light strum and cymbal. Suddenly, the bass and drums drop in and the song begins to soar, with Jordan’s vocals stretching even further in the chorus. Really, it’s all about the chorus throughout, pushing the band into a more traditional rock territory that bridges the band’s home state and the modern musical climate. Expect good things from Good Looks, with Bummer Year out on April 8th via Keeled Scales.