Last Week’s Jams (11.27 – 12.1)

I know Spotify is the devil, so please pass judgment knowing that I know it’s the devil, but I can’t turn my back on the beast…not to mention, the ease of access for everyone, which is where Spotify dominates the market. Alas, yes, I’m using Spotify for my playlist…until Bancamp offers me something better, but even they can’t be trusted anymore! So, I’ll just wrap up last week on my one! ATH Wrapped! We covered a lot of music, with some heavy-hitters like Real Estate, JAMC and Ducks Ltd. popping off with new stuff. There was a ton of tuneage from Australia: Pop Filter, Sachet, The Brights, Alluvial Nuggets and Good Morning. Plus, I’m flipping a coin between the Umbrellas and Bolis Pupul for my fave track of the week. What’s yours? Find out below!

Good Morning Share Two New Tracks

One of the biggest reasons I’ve always appreciated the work of Good Morning is they very much seem like a working class sort of band. They don’t get caught up in the hype and all that nefarious industry business; they just seem to hunker down and work out their songs, tour a bunch, then come back and work on more songs. Today, we get the gift of two fresh tracks from the group, both equally charming in their own light. “One Night” is definitely a shift in sound, offering a vibe that’s much more inclined to focus on the vocals, at least initially. Then the song sort of shoots off, taking on this choral approach that stretches the songwriting. “Real I’m Told” is a bit more closer to home, but some of the production work here seems like the band have hit upon that same territory as Kevin Morby, bringing in great songwriting with just a hint of sly pop sensibility. Stream them both below!

Last Week’s Jams – (9.11 – 9.15)

It seems weird to say, but last week was the first time in a long time where I was able to find every song we covered on all the DSPs! Does this mean I’ve gone mainstream? Anyways, we had a few premieres running from the likes of Class and Alijca-Pop, so be sure to check those jams out.. And, as per usual, dipped our toes in the Austin pond, with new stuff from Holy Wire and the stream of Will Johnson‘s new LP. Oh, and we made sure we had as much Oceanic coverage as possible, throwing our weight behind Soft Covers, Native Cats, The Small Intestines and Exek! Give a listen to the singles below!

Good Morning Drop Two New Singles

It seems like our pals in Melbourne based Good Morning have been a mainstay on these pages for many years now and we always eagerly await new music from the band. Imagine the excitement when today we got word of not one, but two new singles as part of a new double release through their label Polyvinyl. The first track, “dog years,” features that familiar, jangly sound from the lads while the second track “queen of comedy,” is a more somber and mellow tune. Somehow both compliment each other beautifully.

And hey! Good Morning are coming to Austin later this month with Frankie Cosmos at Mohawk. Tickets are available now.

Packs Announce Stripped-Down EP

I just caught Packs a few weeks back when they were traveling around the country in support of Good Morning; we ended up all drinking the famed Armodelo’s from La Perla into the early morning hours. The band put on a solid set, centered around the songwriting prowess of Madeline Link, and that seems to be where we’ll dwell on the new Stripped-Down EP. It’s a collection of songs that are “stripped down” to the acoustic guitar and Link’s vocals, written in between periods of touring, allowing us to look into Madeline’s process. You can get the full EP on July 8th courtesy of Fire Talk, but in the meantime, the debut LP, Take the Cake is already out there for your enjoyment.

Show Pics: Good Morning @ Hotel Vegas (5/3)

Weve got a little show photo coverage action of another night that is part of the manic schedule right now. Good Morning is touring the US after the pandemic prevented travel in support BARNYARD that was released on October of 2021. The record has chill vibes and a few hits. In support, we also saw Packs, bringing back the dream of the 90s.

Click on through for a few thoughts and plenty of pics…

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More Music From Good Morning

Melbourne based lads Good Morning have really been getting out attention over the last several years with a steady stream of solid releases and singles. Just last month, Nate the Tank shared with you the bands latest single, “burning”, and it’s caused quite a stir around the ATH offices about the upcoming new LP. With the release date for Barnyard now drawing near, I suggest you check out this new track, “depends on what i know”, if you have yet to tune your ears towards their sound. You should enjoy the simplicity of Good Morning’s brand of indie rock while appreciating the slickness of the bass lines and groovy, laid back nature of the song. Now you know.

New LP Barnyard will be available on October 22nd via our friends over at Polyvinyl. Pre-orders are live now.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (September 13 – 17)

Last week I might have gotten a little carried away; my wife and newborn son were spending a lot of time resting, so I was just hanging out writing about songs all week…something a teacher, soccer coach, dad and label owner typically can’t do. So, this week’s playlist of last week’s hits might be a little longer than usual, but you’re going to be all the better for it. I hope you have a wonderful Monday my friends, and enjoy the jams here!

Good Morning Share Burning

I don’t remember the first time I wrote about Good Morning, but suffice to say, its been quite awhile. Over the years, they’ve gradually grown in both confidence and styles, and this new record of theirs seems to show some maturity in songwriting that might not have been expected. This track’s got a steady pop ballad vibe through it, bouncing on the back of a bounding piano line, though I think they tether themselves to their past with a little bit of heavy guitar distortion in-between verses. They’re still a little distinctive inflection in syllable delivery, such as the line “when I was a child/going out for the night” that just gets me; its a slight moment, but those little nuances that grab my ears. Barnyard is out on October 22nd (that day is packed with jams!) via Polyvinyl.

Show Preview: Good Morning @ Mohawk

I’ve been writing about Good Morning for several years now, but since Prize//Reward, the band really seem to have found themselves on a quick rise to popularity, leading us to the very recent release of Basketball Breakups. Tonight, the Aussie bunch bring their sounds to Austin for the first time (as far as I can remember), and why not celebrate them for just making it overseas, as it’s getting super hard for those overseas acts to make it onto our shores. I think the casual pop of the band has them poised to breakout over here, so tonight might be your chance to catch them on the ascendancy. Plus, they’re supported by two of our favorite locals in Daphne Tunes and Pelvis Wrestley. Tickets are scarce, so hunt one down if you dare!

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