Marcus Pina Releases You Are the Only One Here EP

Marcus Pina has lived a blessed life of sorts, touring the world playing music in various acts, from Roky Erikson to John Vanderslice (and more!), but he’s just now offering up his first solo outing, You Are the Only One Here EP. Bits of this collection have been mapped out in Pina’s brain for years, but the quarantine gave him the time to bring all the pieces together. One of my favorite tunes of the collection is the below track, “Great Divide.” It’s got this throbbing bass working, with little elemental atmospherics bubbling up from beneath the song’s surface. I dig how the guitar takes on a heavier focus in the second verse, giving this sort of melodic metal distortion to contrast Marcus’ melodic vocal delivery.

Another Tam Vantage Tune to Make Your Day Better

a1326028043_2Just before the holiday break and year-end lists I wrote a short note about Tam Vantage, who used to be part of Pop Singles (sorely missed). But, I got carried away with getting back to work and reading all those arbitrary lists, so I missed when he released another great single just before the year ended.  So, why not make your Monday by sharing this tune with you.  It’s a really subtle pop tune, slightly revolving around a melancholy tone that is being offset by the Australian perfected jangle in the guitars.  Just one of the reasons I love this sound.