Did You Hear Yesterdays Frankie Rose Hit

We’ve long been fans of the various phases of Frankie Rose‘s career, and though we’re late to the game on this one, we can still appreciate great music when its out there. Fans will notice the sci-fi leanings of the video, which is said to be a huge influence on Rose’s new release, Cage Tropical. This song is pushing forward at all times, rhythmically seducing you while Frankie does her best to draw you in with a dreamy vocal smoke. You’ll find this is the perfect blend of pop music and creativity, guaranteeing that her new LP is destined for year end lists; look for the release on August 11 via Slumberland/Grey Market.

Alt Rock From Imaad Wasif

Imaad Wasif has just announced his third LP and with it shared a new single from said release. “Far East” is a different slice of alt rock, combining various styles like psych, shoegaze, and goth rock to combine for three and a half minutes of solid music. The vocals are high pitched, juxtaposing nicely with the growling guitars and complimenting the twee synths. This track is the first single off of Dzi, which is Wasif’s upcoming release and his first full length in six years. It seems like from this track, we can expect an expansive and experimental album– listen out for more from Imaad Wasif.

Dziwill be out June 16th via Grey Market.

Dream Pop from Oko Tygra

The new label on the block, Grey Market, is releasing tons of tunes, and this one from Oko Tygra really caught my ear. There’s this great industrial feel to the track, as if the band recorded it in some industrial warehouse…there’s just a great darkness. But, while the mood is somber, there’s this great pop coming through in the seemingly angelic tones of the vocals. It doesn’t hurt that Jorge Elbrecht of Violens/Lansing Dreiden was behind the board for the recording, continuing the labels run of great hits. This song appears on the band’s Sealegs 7″, available now.

Give a Listen to Presentable Corpse

My first experience listening to the music of Jorge Elbrecht came way back in the early 00s when I was fortunate enough to discover Lansing-Dreiden through some friends that were way cooler than me. It led me to Violens, his next project, but I think perhaps the best work he’s done to date is coming via this Presentable Corpse track. It takes the best of all his work, somehow managing to get it all together into one atmospheric pop journey. I don’t think there are words for such a track, so I’ll just let it speak for itself. If you’re inclined, it’s being released on a super limited basis via Grey Market, the newest LA label.