ACL 2013: The Big Post of Good Stuff

We are wrapping up Austin City Limits 2013 coverage with this giant summary of links and a massive amount of photos not previously shared. We had a ton of coverage, from tweets galore to interviews of ATH faves. You can see plenty of pics from Weekend One. I didn’t have the fancy wristband that gets you up close and personal for big camera fun. I did have the most fun of any ACL I have ever been to thanks to a group of amazing friends I call fambly.

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Show Review: Grimes @ Emos (10/6)

It was the first real taste of colder weather in Austin Saturday night, and I got the chance to see Grimes and accompanying acts on the Mythical Gymnastics tour at Emo’s. Even though the show sold out weeks ago, the venue announced the release of 100 more tickets, allowing the already packed space to feel even more like a weekend night on the dance floor of Barbarella (which isn’t a bad thing). More after the jump… Read more

Show Preview: Grimes @ Emos East (10.6)

Date Saturday, October 6th
Location Emos East
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets SOLD OUT

It’s been an incredible year for Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, bursting onto the world indie scene with her latest album this year, Visions.  While she’s put out a few releases prior to this last effort, people are taking notice, and it’s a deserved following she’s garnered for herself.  I mean, the show is SOLD OUT, so that has to tell you something.  Last time in Austin, she sold out Lamberts, and everyone we talked to said it was definitely a moving experience.  Openers Myths and Elite Gymnastics have also had a solid 2012, with the latter being pinned by many as a band to keep an eye on in the future.  I know there’s not tickets available, but ask your friends and hit up Craigs…you just might find yourself lucky!


Download: Grimes – Oblivion [MP3]

Show Review: Grimes @ Lambert’s (2/29)

I believe that the blogosphere is quite abuzz with Grimes. Canadian Claire Boucher is working hard right now, she is in demand. That is why the relatively small space afforded by Lambert’s must have been an early, but fortunate, booking. It was fortunate because it was such an intimate space for Grimes and openers Born Gold, but unfortunate because more could have said that they got to see her before SxSW this year.

There were sound issues, weird and then no lighting, props galore for the opener, shoulder to shoulder dancing and many happy fans. Buzz.

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Show Preview: Grimes @ Lamberts (2/29)

Date Wednesday, Feb. 29th
Location Grimes
Doors 930p
Tickets SOLD OUT!!

It’s a shame and a bonus that the much heralded Grimes is playing at Lamberts on Wednesday evening.  On the plus side, she sold the show out rather quickly, but on the down side, fewer people will get to experience the hubbub surrounding the young singer.  Still, those that adored her recent album, Visions, will probably get to see one of  her more intimate shows on this tour; you’ll all be luckily packed in tight to see her performance.  Opening the night is another excellent act, Born Gold, so don’t get all Austin and skip out on the opener. Didn’t see any tickets on Craigslist yesterday, but people sure seemed willing to sell tickets for some Drake character. Sample some joyous tunes from Grimes.


Download:Grimes – Genesis [MP3]

The IT Department – v1.2

Heading into the FunFunFun weekend, I figured I might give you some stuff to chill to when you make it back to the house to decompress. What better than an installment of tracks from the IT Department?

I do a featured FFF6 artist in this edition, so I am “relevant” and “thoughtful”. Heh. Tycho melts your face, Small Black continues to mellow, Simian Ghost blurs influences, Sapphire Slows is and Grimes is the fun feature.

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