Dress Warm Share New Single

Austin’s Dress Warm have a familiar sound, which should hopefully endear them to the locals, and you as well. They’re crafting these bedroom guitar pop songs, reminiscent of acts like Good Morning or Hovvdy; they even have some overlapping layers and a solo that remind me of Real Estate. So you’ve got these great little touchstones that can easily let you drift towards the weekend, riding atop the melodic wave they’ve crafted here for you. This is the sort of Friday tune that just makes you feel good, so press play again and again until your mood settles.

Teenage Tom Petties Share Boatyard Winch

We spent a lot of time last year supporting Rural France, the London duo of Tom Brown and Rob Fawkes; they dropped RF via Meritorio Records. But, Tom now has his own new project, Teenage Tom Petties that should definitely pop up on your radar today. This project isn’t a far stretch from RF, though there’s definitely a grittier feel to both the recording and the style itself…perhaps connecting the dots via a Boyracer or the like would work, in 7 degrees of Indie Pop. On the vocals, Tom definitely has a big Bob Pollard feel here, so the whole thing is built around this huge lo-fidelity guitar pop feel that very much feels like something GBV would have influenced. It’s a jam, and you like jams. The band will have a full album coming this summer via Safe Suburban Homes.

Ex Void Share No Other Way

You’ve got to imagine a band featuring members of Joanna Gruesome is going to have a lot of pressure to live up to their former name, and this new single seems to be the one that cements Ex Void as their own powerful force. As the song unfolds, it offers up a relaxed bit of casual indie rock, light jangles, but mostly just a burning fuzz of guitar work. For me, it was the chorus that really hits home, as I love the way the vocals rise and fall in tone, crashing into you with an emphatic punch that burrows into your mind. They’ll be dropping their Bigger Than Before LP in our laps on March 25th via Don Giovanni Records.

Loops & Loops Share Hate Finds a Way

Man, I’ve been hyping Loops & Loops over the last few months with no shame at all, but this new tune really blows it all away. At times it feels like the sort of perfect guitar pop you’d get from a Dean Wareham penned tune, which I consider the highest form of praise. Then, hitting the chorus, you get a touch more direct pop punk punch, quickly driving the melody right to the ears. It’s a fuzzy little tune, hitting all the right notes as it goes through, and I’ll be honest, I can’t stop pressing play again and again. Give Loops & Loops a try, I beg you.

Seasoning Share Friends Video

Admittedly, this tune’s been sitting in my email for a few weeks now, having dropped back in January, and the more emails I get, the more it falls down there. But, today’s the day I get to bring you the latest single from Seasoning! Stylistically, this fits into the modern realm of classic guitar pop, pulling from the likes of bands like Real Estate or Snowy, something with just a nice little hint of jangles to it. The vocals have that feel like its washing warmly across you, calming everything in the vicinity. Plus, the lyrical content is hyper relatable as we’ve holed back up this year again, and I miss my friends. Look for The Condensation EP later this year!

Ari Roar Shares Honors Around, Drops Made to Never Use

Dallas’ Ari Roar has appeared quite a bit on our site, so with his latest release, Made to Never Use, dropping this last Friday, I wanted to be sure that we gave the LP a little shout out. His work on this new record reminds me a lot of Albert Hammond Jr, focusing on sharp guitar pop with really solid melodic work that just makes you feel like life could get a little bit better. I love how the song begins to kind of roll in the chorus, like this Texas storm quickly blowing through with a burst of catchy pop before steadying itself and riding off into the sunset. Give a listen, won’t you.

Vern Matz Share Getting Older, Drop New LP

Last year we stumbled into Vern Matz, and we were really grateful for their mellow guitar pop. It’s simplicity proved the power of the songwriting, with little need for extra brush strokes, and it seems that we get the much of the same on the newest release, Strange Songs from a Lifetime of Unfinished iPhone Demos. The name hints at the tunes being unpolished, and perhaps even incomplete, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that listening through the strumming and little atmosphere lurking in the background. If you’re settling in for the day, as the blistering whether lurks outside, then perhaps you should settle down with this new album; it’s sure to warm you right up!

Rural France Announce RF Album

It’s always good to depend on great labels to bring you good tunes, and I don’t think Meritorio Records has let me down even once. The label just announced the forthcoming release of RF, the latest LP from the UK’s Rural France. Our first single is this fuzz bucket of guitar pop, distorted riffs ringing throughout the track, just chomping at the bit. But, it wouldn’t be a hit to me if there weren’t some gravitational pull from the pop element, drilled in by the vocals (backing vocals included), blanketing the tune in this general warmth you just want to cuddle with. RF will be out on October 29th.

Breathe Panel Share Spring Single

Since they released their debut LP in 2018, Breathe Panel have mostly been quiet…until today. They return with this softened brand of guitar pop; utilizing comforting melodies and the faintest of jangling guitars for their charm offensive. I love how everything in this song, from the video to the name to the style all seem to tie into one great release; the colors change outside the window as the trees blow ever so gently in the wind…exactly as that’s happening outside our own window. This is a pop tune at its very purest, asking for little more than three minutes of your time today; it will surely be time well worth it.

Stream Black Twig’s Was Not Looking for Magic LP

The last few months, I’ve personally been hyping the new LP from Finland’s Black Twig, Was Not Looking for Magic. Below…I give you an early stream, as well as my track by track breakdown. If you’re interested in picking up the album, it’s out this Friday via our friends over at Soliti, and I promise you, its got my stamp of approval! Leaving the stream at the top as that’s what’s most important, but my track by track breakdown lives below!


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