Sloucher Share New Single

Looks like the majority of today is going to nod towards guitar pop, with the Pacific Northwest’s newest up-and-comers Sloucher. In a way, it sort of reminds me of early Nada Surf (maybe even early Death Cab). It’s super clear that the songs are built around a central melody, and there’s a stylistic softness that’s clearly aimed at maximizing the emotional potential. That said, I think the guitar work itself is quite special, especially the way the guitars cut back and forth in focus. The group are releasing their debut LP, Be True, on November 16th via Swoon Records.

Start Monday with Sea Pinks

Monday’s are always a bit of a downer, but I have a sneaking suspicion that today might be great if you start off with Sea Pinks. They just dropped Rockpool Blues, their 7th album, and its everything cool that a Monday needs. It’s energetic and joyous in spirit; it takes on the heavy topic of feeling like a kid inside, even when confronting the responsibilities of adulthood. Crystalline guitar notes ring throughout, while the drumming steadies the whole outfit. As a huge sucker for guitar pop, this is how we should all start our week.

Loving This Lee Corey Oswald Track

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with the new Lee Corey Oswald album and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites of the year. It’s a glorious guitar pop opus with obvious 90s era Weezer and Nada Surf comparisons. Somehow though the sound is a clear throwback, the band offer just enough of their own take to keep things sounding fresh and new. If my hype train isn’t enough to sell you on the new album, check out the band’s latest single “Head Over Heels” and enjoy.

Lee Corey Oswald will release new album Darkness, Together on October 12th via A-F Records.

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Classic Guitar Pop from Grand Union

Grand Union is going to be a new act you’ll want to keep an eye on, particularly if you’re of the guitar pop/power pop persuasion. It came to my attention by a post of Frode Stromstad, known to many as one of the principal songwriters in I Was a King. Somehow, somewhere, Frode made friends with like-minded individuals and formed this new band, recorded a few jams, and now it looks like we’ve got two great new 7″s coming our way. I think both songs we can sample at the moment are pretty spot on, so I’m not going to delve too far into specifics…just leave them here for you to enjoy. They both drop on October 26th.

Brand New Gorgeous Bully

Gorgeous Bully have long been on our radar over here at ATH, and when they dropped this new single we, of course, had to get it up. I love the guitar sound that immediately jumps in; it’s heavy and foreboding, with just a hint of harmony…akin to some of the late moments when Sonic Youth took a stab at pop sensibility. The vocals stand back just a bit in the mix with a coat of distortion atop, giving a touch of grit to the song’s presentation. And as always is the case with the band, there’s no shying away from melody, ingraining the track in your head. They’ll be releasing Closure via Breakfast Records real soon!

Burning House Channel Guitar Pop Heroes

From the minute this Burning House single plays on your stereo, you’ll immediately here the band’s homage to Teenage Fanclub. But, while the guitar attack has that blend of noise and melody, you need only look towards the vocal portrayal for how the band look to differentiate themselves from guitar pop heroes. There’s a slight bit of wayward dreaminess, almost as if the voice is fading away as it matches the melodic guitar notes. There’s great promise in this song, so let’s hope we hear more from the group soon as they prep a full length for our ears.

RV Farms Drops New Single

Chilled guitar pop has definitely found a home across the Interweb gossip sites, and I’m glad, as it allows for bands like RV Farms to seep into my life. Slight bits of electronics seemingly lead you in one direction, toying with a dreamy bedroom pop vibe, but then the strum of the guitar enters. Listening closely, you can almost hear the intimate buzz of the string in the mic; you get a much more personal vibe, as if songwriter Daniel English is sharing this track only with you. There’s this familiar tone in the vocal delivery too; it has this fireside warmth that makes you feel special. As of now, just a one off hit, but we’ll keep you posted on more as it comes our way.

Don’t Sleep on The Dayoffs

We’re nearing the end of the year, and as such, I’m digging through missed emails and missed bands, which is where I found the latest single from The Dayoffs. The band blends heavy guitar pop with slight touches of indiepop, especially in the way the vocals are pulled off. And, like all the great guitar music, it’s fast and quick, leaving you salivating for more of sugary hooks. The band just dropped their self-titled debut record last Friday, and it’s definitely something worth spinning a time or two.

A New One from Johnny Kills

We love a good guitar pop jam, and we enjoy it even more when it comes from an act we adore, like Johnny Kills. They just dropped this new single, opening with a clean guitar line and vocals, right before the distortion bursts through your speakers. They ride that distorted guitar out ’til the song’s end, but what I really enjoy is the frivolity that is clearly audible in the playful vocal shouts that jump through. I’ll never turn away from a song with energy and a carefree vibe, so enjoy it as you head into the weekend.

Solid Guitar Pop from Walter Etc

If infectious guitar pop is your cup of tea, then I’m promising you joy when you listen to this new Walter Etc track. It kind of reminds me of our own Growl, leaving pop hooks at the front of the song while distorted guitars ring out in the distance. I particularly enjoy the chorus, as it doesn’t seem rushed, coming naturally with the rhythm of the song. Plus, it’s a short little blast of fun, so you get to enjoy it and return to play it again. Gloom Cruise will be out on August 25th via Lame O Records/Lauren Records.

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