Austin Spotlight: The Harvest Thieves

a1146701711_10As ATH has always been a big supporter of Guns of Navarone, we were overly excited when our friends in the band sent us over music from a new project they’ve been working on.  This Austin supergroup going by the name of The Harvest Thieves features members of the aforementioned Guns as well as East Cameron Folkcore and Bankrupt & The Borrowers.  Already the new group have an EP entitled Lightning in a Bottle up and available for download over on bandcamp at a “pay what you want” set up.  I’m finding myself immediately drawn to the 2nd track  from the EP “Escape From the Paper City”.  It’s clearly a country/americana themed tune with an almost anthemic sound and an extremely full sound that drives the song home.  It seems rare that we find this kind of quality Texas themed sounds in this town anymore and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project.  

Stay tuned for more.

ATH + SXSW: Barnfire Social @ The Whiskey Room (3/15 & 3/16)

Barn Fire Social - Austin Town Hall Logo

More SXSW shows coming your way today with another awesome free party featuring some of the best local bands Austin has to offer.  This one is going down at the Whiskey Room on 6th and features many ATH approved local bands, along with old ATH show alum The Loom.  Check it out below for some deets:

Dates: March 15th & 16th

Time: Music @ 12 noon both days

Location: The Whiskey Room 503 E. 6th St.

Lineup Friday 3/15: The Ruxpins, Mayeux & The Broussard, The Loom, So Long Problems, The Couch, & Frank Smith

Lineup Saturday 3/16: Fatback Circus, These Made Dogs of Glory, Carpetbagger, Sour Bridges, Whiskey Shivers, Guns of Navarone

Free for over 21 with food provided by Brick House + Tavern.


Download: Guns of Navarone – Gatsby Did It All For a Girl [MP3]


Download: The Loom – Song for the Winter Sun [MP3]

Free Week Recommendations for Tuesday!

So, by this point in time, Free Week in Austin is upon us, and I hope you’re all out there enjoying the great local music our fair city has to offer.  There’s too many great shows and great bands to hit up, so I’m going to try and help out by suggesting the big hitters every day.  The following list is for tomorrow night, that way you can plan accordingly:

The Midgetmen (10:30) @ Red 7 — Good old rock n’ roll from a band who’ve been banging it out for years–plus they gave me $5 to put them on this list.

Guns of Navarone (Show Starts @ 6:30) @ The Mohawk — RayRay swears by this band’s alt-country sound–says they’re the best in town.

Frank Smith @ The Mohawk — We’ve talked to you about Frank Smith before, so we’re not going to go on and on about this band, but if you haven’t heard em’, go see em.

Leatherbag @ Skinny’s Ballroom — They’re one of Austin’s hardest working acts, and their album in 2011 made our Best of Texas List.

Check out the following tracks by Guns of Navarone, Leatherbag and Frank Smith.

[audio:] [audio:] [audio:]

Top 15 Texas Albums of 2011

Oh man, is 2011 over already?  It is indeed, which means End of Year list time!  Of course, that means it’s time for you to tell us where we went wrong, but on this list, we’re thinking we got it pretty right on.  You’ll notice we expanded our list to a Top 15 of Texas Artists, as we thought our state did a great job, musically (not politically) speaking this year.  I’ll admit, it might be a little Austin-centric, but we’re based in the town, so get the Austin word a lot faster.  Apologies to Houston and San Antonio, as your scenes weren’t represented, but it’s nothing personal.  Feel free to leave us a comment to yell at us or tell us we were right on.  But, that being said, remember this is just the OPINION of a few dudes keeping it real in Austin.

Read more

New Single from Guns of Navarone

One of the fads of the last decade or so has been alt-coutnry, and with so many bands out there, it’s been hard to really find that one great alt band that wins everyone over.  Fortunately for us, and you, Austin band Guns of Navarone have crafted an exceptional record full of well-written tunes in the vein of alt-country.  Prize and Battlefield is the name of the record, and they’ve just tossed out another great single that exemplifies the band’s sound.  It’s a bit of that country feel, but there’s hints of underlying pop, as well as a gruffness that accompanies the vocals.  Now’s your chance to join us in our praise for one of Austin’s great bands.


Download: Guns of Navarone – Gatsby Did It All For a Girl [MP3]

Show Preview: Artist vs. Cancer @ The ND (10/27)

Date 10/27/11
Location The ND
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 @ AvC Website

On Thursday night at the ND we’re helping sponsor a great show for a great cause to benefit the recently founded Artists Against Cancer foundation in Austin.  The show features local veterans Flametrick Subs headlining with up and comers and ATH homies Whitman and Guns of Navarone also on hand to fill out the bill.  All proceeds from the minimal door charge will be going directly to help those artists in need.  You should also take some time to read up about the foundation on their new website and check out fellow sponsors sites by Powerhouse Animation and Sonora Records.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Whitman have had to cancel the show and a search is out for a replacement.  Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

Double UPDATE: Austin band So Long, Problems has stepped in to fill the void left by Whitman.  They will go on second after GoN.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Show Preview: Crooks @ Threadgill’s (10/7)

Date 10/7/11
Location Threadgills
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Here’s a quick friendly reminder about the awesome show we are helping sponsor this evening at Threadgill’s south.  The show features promising local up and comers Crooks, Guns of Navarone, and Whitman.  Don’t forget that things get started fairly early with openers Whitman kicking things off at 9pm.  Also make sure you check out the free 3 song sampler featuring tunes from all performing bands over on our bandcamp page.  See you kids there.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Free ATH Show Sampler: Threadgill’s (10/7)

Happy Monday kids!  We are pleased to be sharing a free 3 song sampler of music with you today featuring three bands playing together this Friday at Threadgill’s south.  The show and sampler highlight some of Austin’s best up and coming talents with Crooks, Guns of Navarone, and Whitman all on the bill.  You can download the sampler right now for free over on our recently created bandcamp page.  All songs are previously unreleased or appear on upcoming records from each band.  We’ll throw in a little preview of the sampler with new and unreleased track “I Bid You Farewell” from alt-country boys Guns of Navarone.  We’ll also bring you a friendly reminder about this show later in the week, but until then, check out some info. on the Threadgill’s site.  $5 only.


Download: Guns of Navarone – I Bid You Farewell [MP3]

Show Preview: Guns of Navarone @ Threadgills (7/15)

Date 7/15/11
Location Threadgills
Doors 8pm
Tickets $5 @ Door

Local up and coming Austin boys Guns of Navarone have a show planned for the Threadgills south location (on Riverside) for Friday night.  Joining the alt-country styling boys on the stage for support are fellow locals Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business and East Cameron Folklore.  Should be a great night to unwind with some great music after a long week at work.  For those of you who don’t have summers off that is…


Download: Guns of Navarone – You Used To Be [MP3]

Sonora Records Summer Sampler

Not too long ago, some of our amigos in Austin concluded that they were fed up with the current state of the music industry and decided to start a record  label to call their own.  From their collective minds came promising new record label Sonora Records with the plan to “help make music, one record at a time”.  To celebrate their beginnings, the guys at Sonora have put together an 18 song sampler featuring some of their talent along with a few tunes from Austin’s finest up and coming artists.  ATH favorites, The Bubbles, Quiet Company, and Guns of Navarone make an appearance with new faces like The Couch, On After Dark, and The Handshake sharing new music.

Also making an appearance on the sampler are old friends Whitman, who are premiering new song “NW Thurman” from their upcoming 2011 LP Weekends.  If this new summertime jam from the Austin boys doesn’t get you moving, then you must not have a pulse.  Whitman have also made new anthem like tune “Dead Dog Days” available for free download over on their bandcamp page for a limited time.  You can also say hi to Sonora Records on twitter or download their new sampler over on bandcamp.


Download: Whitman – NW Thurman [MP3]

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