Last Week’s Jams (2.20 – 2.24)

Even after taking off Monday, we managed to get tons of coverage out there. I was stoked to hear that new Cindy song that I had been promised late last year. RayRay started pushing some of our SXSW introductions out with Pendant and Orions Belte. A handful of Austin acts tossed out new tunes, so check in on Hallo, Space Tan and Transy Warhol…a few who will be playing our just announced ATH vs SOTO SXSW Party. Plus, I got a bonus add by getting an excuse to post a little Braid to this site, on top of including my favorite releases of the week for streaming purposes. Get at it below.

Guy Blue Shares No Other Life (Without You)

Who doesn’t just love a tune that tugs on your heartstrings? What about a dreary voice that feels beautifully pained? Well, I do, which is why I love the latest single from Guy Blue. The project is centered around low-key electro-pop bits, and for my two cents, it sounds like a happier version of Stephin Merritt, a voice weighted by emotion trying to find the bright side in this world. It seems so simple in its presentation, but its dripping with musical rewards for those willing to let it wash upon your shores. You’ll find this single on the forthcoming Arms Wide EP.

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