Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.14 – 11.18)

It’s that time of year when songs begin to dry up for some reason, as we’re all just expected to put our lives on hold to gather some lists for you to browse. Still, we managed to get some new tunes out your way, hoping to keep your eyes on the prize. I loved the new Spice World tune, and was fortunate to be able to run a video premiere for the latest from Shaki Tavi. We’ll likely still have a handful of tunes for you this week, but will likely take a little break ourselves to kick it with our families.

Hadda Be Share Mercurial Single

Last year, Hadda Be released their excellent Another Life LP, a record that was filled equally with pop and rock hooks. But, having roots in the post-punk arena, the band seem ready to flex that muscle again with their latest single. There’s certainly an angular notion that comes from the guitar, stabbing at the speakers, setting up the song for this openness that allows for the vocals to sweep into the picture. What I love here is the band tight-roping that walk between various genres, sharp in some spots, dreamy in others, ultimately leading you to a chorus that serves as your reward. Once it hits, you can feel the bravado in the voice, operating with this sense of cool that’s coated in melody. Enjoy a new ditty here!

Hadda Be Announce Another Life

If you’re looking for a little bit of dreamy pop combined with sprinkles of 90s rock, then boy have I got the band for you today: Hadda Be! They’re the newest act on powerhouse label Last Night from Glasgow, and I can’t get over this jam. It’s got just a hint of swagger that nods at punk, but these arena rock feels that make it sound huge; you feel like you’re surrounded by hoards of fans clamoring to hear those huge riffs billow through the speaker stacks. Some rock just feels timeless, feels like it could bridge any genre, any emotion; this tune is one such track, and thus should be the highlight of your listening experience today. Look for Another Life to drop on April 30th.