New One From Del Sur

10352999_588589764607258_7119202798248114232_nDel Sur is a young upstart band from the Philadelphia area we’ve posted about in the past here on ATH.  I’ve always been a fan of the surfy, almost throwback like bedroom pop sound the band effortlessly manages to create on every track.  Continuing that fan fair with me today is this new jam “Aubrey Plaza”.  How could a song be so simplistic in its delivery yet still be catchy and worthy of repeat listens?  I’ll let you decide.

Stay tuned on more from Del Sur and an upcoming full release.

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Dreamy Pop from Del Sur

delsurYou thought dreamy bedroom pop music was in the past? Nope, and thank goodness for that, as this song from Del Sur is surely an enjoyable way to wrap up our week with you.  There’s a soft approach to the track, though the guitars kick in and give you that casual sway where you’re not quite sure if your mind’s ready to drift off or get you in dancing mode.  The Philly act will be releasing their HAGS EP on January 27th of next year, so enjoy this gem while you wait for more great hits.


Download: Del Sur – Melted Down [MP3]