Last Week’s Jams (10.9 – 10.13)

We’re getting to that point when everyone is scrambling to find their favorite tracks, find their favorite collection of songs to put into those fruitful lists that you’ll all look at, then claim to hate! We do it too! Still, covered a bunch of great new music last week. There were great new tunes from Red Pants and Teenage Tom Petties, plus we got to celebrate a really busy release week with stuff from Lightheaded and Upchuck, among others. Our friend Jared Leibowich had a new tune up, but it didn’t make it onto the DPSs yet, so be sure to circle back and check on that one. There’s a couple of long-burns too, from Native Cats, a Beacon School and the Uptights, all worthy of some deep listening. Stream on!

Friday Album Streams: Lightheaded, Blue Ocean, Mope City and More

There’s only a few more sleeps until all the music folks decided to hibernate for the year, so better be sure to listen to as much new music as possible, right? Well, on this Friday, we’ve got a couple of really delicious records for you to devour, if that’s your thing. No need to wax poetic here, just links so you can fall in love and spend some quality time with your new favorite LP.

LightheadedGood Good Great (Slumberland Records)

Mope CityPopulation 4 – (Tenth Court)

Blue OceanFertile State (Slumberland Records)

A Beacon Schoolyoyo (Grind Select)

Half DreamWill I Still Bloom (Self-Released)

UpchuckBite the Hand That Feeds (Famous Class)

Last Week’s Jams (8.7 – 8.11)

Admittedly, we might have outdone ourselves last week; I’m fairly certain I’m the one to blame. Somehow, we tossed up 40 songs, though a few are unavailable in the streaming sites, so you’ve only got 38 tracks on this week’s playlist. There’s a ton of Austin stuff, with new music from Daiistar, Semihelix, Half Dream and more…obligatory A Giant Dog is in there and such. Plus, still continuously impressed by the magic that is Prewn. Oh, and Australia’s buzzing at the moment, and their music isn’t half-bad either, with new tracks from the Small Intestines and Soft Covers being considered as must listens. So, if you’ve got an hour or two to kill…go on and stream!

Half Dream Share Will I Still Bloom, Announce LP

I’ve been championing Paige Berry and her Half Dream project since they released the excellent Monster of Needing EP back in 2020. Now, news comes across that we’ll finally be getting the band’s debut Will I Still Bloom LP this October, and we’ve got the title track from Will I Still Bloom. This song’s filled with tons of little details that illustrate just how much the band’s grown; I love the little guitar tickles atop Berry’s voice and the thumping drums for the first 45 seconds or so. Then, at 53 seconds, the track shoots off, layering in a dreamier vibe from the guitars as Paige delivers a striking vocal performance. The band take a moment to flex their musicianship, then jump right back to the affair at hand, brooding in mood while we await the next huge chorus! Everything in this track just feels like a huge step for the band, and if Paige ever doubted herself, this song is evidence that she’s clearly blossomed into one of Austin’s finest songwriters. And, if you’re in the ATX tonight…the band celebrate the new single at Captain Quackenbush’s Soundspace, so come pregame with me as I DJ at Tweedys, then head to the show!

ATH vs SOTO SXSW Party – March 12th @ Hotel Vegas

First there was Covid, then I had another kid, but I’m back this year to reignite the annual AustinTownHall vs SideOneTrackOne SXSW Party. It’s a 3 stage extravaganza over at Hotel Vegas, bringing in some of our favorite acts from all over Austin and having them throw down ridiculous sets that make us all proud of our music scene. Huge shout out to John at SOTO and 101x Homegrown for the organization, and thanks to the Vegas crew for having us back here. This year, we’ve even got a fun playlist for you to sample the tunes and share around to get your friends excited.

Show starts at 3 PM on March 12 at Hotel Vegas/Volstead! FREE! See you there!

Last Week’s Jams, Today (11.7 – 11.11)

Looks like folks are finally waking up to the fact that the year doesn’t have to end just because people toss up some arbitrary judgment list; there were so many rad tunes dropping last week that we didn’t even have time to get them all up. RayRay ran some premieres for Tearing Up and Sunfruits, while I was super ecstatic to get a new Roller Derby tune. We also got to run a really great Rock n’ Recipes with Heather Trost just before her album dropped. Plus, Austin was repping, with a brilliant new tune from Half Dream, and Zero Percent APR dropping their new LP. Give it all a listen and let us know which is your fave!

Half Dream Share New Single, Roses

Since releasing their Monster of Needing EP back in early pandemic days, Austin’s Half Dream have consistently been act to keep an eye (or ear rather?) on. Well, we’re in luck as today, we get a new single, with the promise that a debut LP is in the works for next year. And, as much as I loved the broad bedroom pop of their EP, their latest works really show how much Paige Berry has grown as a songwriter. This tune has these little guitar notes that hint at twang, but feel like little musical candles flickering behind Berry’s voice. Suddenly, the guitars take off, drums pick up speed and the whole group begins to flex their musical muscle, overlapping a guitar note here and there. Back and forth the song goes, introspective or galloping, all the while, the band just seem to be taunting us with how accomplished they’ve become. Enjoy this jam, and we look forward to hearing more from the group next year.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (2.7 – 2.11)

Jumping into this week by looking back at last week, in the most uncool fashion, using a Spotify playlist; the world’s probably going to stop dead right there. But, last week had some rad tunes, with friends Half Dream and Squiggles both jumping in with new tunes for us. Plus, we got to revisit some recents releases from Tat Songs and The High Water Marks. And ultimately, got to meet some new faces, at least to me, like Sooner and Erasers. But, I’m starting it off with that super rad Pachyman jam, so sit back and get grooving into your Monday.

Half Dream Music Return with Too Much Single

After all the praise I through at Half Dream‘s Monster of Needing EP, it seems only natural that I follow up with the band’s latest single, hinting at what’s coming later this year. You’re going to, of course, marvel at the power of Paige Berry’s voice; she’s got this dominating control that can spin a melody into a softened growl, which is matching up well with the band’s sound on this new track. It is, well, incendiary, firing off heavy riffs that bring in the punch almost immediately, turning the group’s dreamier folk nature into a force to be reckoned with, yet it never loses their personality. Excited to hear what’s in store for us later this year.

Half Dream Share I Am My Own God

I’ve been championing Half Dream since last year’s Monster of Needing EP, and it seems like Paige Berry and company have outdone themselves on their latest single. In the opening two minutes, you get Berry angelically maneuvering her voice through this dreamy landscape, in part aided by the ambient craft of local legend Thor Harris; I love how there’s this natural solitude to these early moments, gradually birthing the song into our consciousness. Then the song strikes! Drums pound ominously, giving the song this heavy depth that seems perfectly suited for the powerful vocal portrayal we’re given. If you’re in Austin, you can celebrate the band’s new single at their show this evening at the Far Out Lounge.

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