Brand New Wax Idols

For the longest time Wax Idols have been one of those bands I never tire of, and it’s been a fun ride watching the growth of Hether Fortune and her band from the early days. This track has that shimmering guitar line popular with the dream pop bunch, but Fortune’s voice soard much louder; she’s never afraid of being up front in the mix. She’s fully embraced her affection for pop sensibility, and through American Tragic up to now, the band continue to step out of the realms of post-punk into the realms of swirling pop music with a guitar edge. Look for the new LP,Happy Ending, to drop on May 16th.

Hear the New Wax Idols

waxWe’ve been huge fans of Wax Idols for quite some time, and while I may be partial to some of the early hits, it’s definitely an extreme joy to have been able to watch the growth of this band. Hints of pop always lurked beneath the darkness, and with their last album, Hether Fortune was slowly making room for what we have with this new single; this is the pop music we all wanted our friends to make…dark lyrics polished by a huge pop sensibility. I don’t know, just don’t feel like they make hits like this anymore, and I’m so glad that the band has Happy Ending coming in Spring of next year.

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